Tuesday, September 04, 2018


Having a broken down washing machine is a right pain in the butt!

I have a repair man coming this morning... so with any luck he can get it fixed then I can get some washing done.

We have quite a few very wet towels!  We had to keep laying them down around the washing machine to soak up all the leaking water of course.  

Funny how much you take for granted, until it buggers up on ya.

I do washing almost every day, some days 2-3 loads!  So... fingers crossed he can fix it and we don't get a huge bill.

Lacy is heading off to Hamilton first thing this morning... she's got at least 3 flat viewings to attend.  It will be good if she finds somewhere nice... then she can start looking for a JOB!  She seems to be keen on getting one! 

3 pm:  Where the hell has the day gone!  OMG.
So, the repairman arrived nice and early and sorted out the washing machine... waiting on a part now. It should be up and running again by the end of the week.

Seeing as he came and went so early, I decided to go into Hamilton and get a few things... I needed more patchwork safety pins (they are curved not flat)... so Spotlight was my first stop.

ABOVE: Walking past the Christmas fabrics and wow... saw some PINK fabrics!  So I just got enough to make one, (maybe two if I'm careful), Christmas runners.  Oh and I did get the safety pins too! 

After that I popped into Animates and got Marley and Denim new collars...they outgrew their puppy size ones.  OMG they are not cheap!

 ABOVE:  Purple for Denim and Pink for Marley.

Then I went to Bunnings to look at little trestle tables... but instead got this:

 ABOVE:  A much bigger, sturdier clothes rack to hang my Table Runners on... I can use this one at the Cambridge market and perhaps at the Tamahere one too.  
I will still be using the other one, (deconstructed), to hang from the gazebo side walls.

After that I met up with Lacy for lunch at The Base, then we both went to check out a possible place for Lacy to live (in Hamilton).

She asked me to go in with her so I could check it out too... and...

ABOVE:  We both liked the house, the available room to rent, and the landlady.  The landlady lives in the house too as she owns it.  I liked her, she seemed very easy going and down to earth.  

Lacy has her own room, and directly opposite her room is a lovely big deck ... so very handy.

I'm sure Lacy is going to be very happy there.  She is within walking distance of a supermarket and shops, so that's going to be excellent for her.

Home now and the day has just flown by!  I need to get dinner on soon, Lamb Chops cooked in Mint Sauce... yummy!

Totally forgot, I went to Just Cuts in The Base for a haircut... got about 6 inches cut off...

ABOVE:  WHY THE FUCK CAN'T ANYONE CUT MY HAIR PROPERLY????  I mean, just how hard is it to cut hair STRAIGHT??????

20...  MINUTES... LATER.... I made a complaint about my haircut on Just Cuts website.  And within ten minutes I get a phone call from the Manager!
She has asked me to go in tomorrow to their Chartwell store and see the Manager there.  They are going to fix it I presume.  
I'm very impressed at how quickly they responded to my message!  But... concerned at how much shorter it is going to end up from what I wanted though.  *sigh*

I've got Card night tonight... so that's gunna be fun.  Love card night with me girlfriends.

I just washed and dried my hair, and to be honest, it's looking quite a bit straighter!  I will still go in tomorrow, but maybe it's OK?   I think having it up in a pony tail after it was a bit damp might have given it a few kinks and made it hang wobbly?
Feeling a bit bad now for going off at them.

Dinner is smelling A-mazing! The smell of mint sauce and lamb chops baking just makes me drool!

Cards was great, nice company, nice snacks that I can eat (nuts and cheese) and .. I won!  *smiles*

Home now and going to do a few little jobs before bedtime.


  1. Not having a working washer is the worst! We have really hard water here so they don't last very long.

  2. Urgggg I would freak out if our washing machine broke down!!!..... sooooo bloody annoying! Christy x

  3. Anonymous1:00 PM

    When our washing machine broke (after having recently spent $250 on repairing it) we had to order a new one for delivery two days later. Essential whitegood!! I think we're on our third one in 15 years which is a bit annoying - you'd think they'd last a bit longer, and that's decent brands too (last couple have been Bosch). Anyway, good luck with it. And happy house hunting to Lacy. Liz

  4. Anonymous1:53 PM

    Alot of reading to catch up on I have news but I had too hand back my work phone wrote all the contacts out then lost the paper! This me Blondie

    1. I will give you a ring tomorrow Sharon... been busy this afternoon/evening and forgot.

  5. oml my deck is sooo Awesome and well my room is just amazeballs 👍😎💯👌
    So am really happy and thanks Ma for the lunch date lol.
    #imabogannow lol

  6. Love Lacy's wee place, looks lovely and bright.

    I would have thought cutting straight was hairdressing 101!!!

  7. I have a problem with one side always being longer than the other. I've gotten to the point where I make them double check it before I leave lol.

  8. Just heard this morning that April is pregnant again and due around March!!


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