Friday, September 07, 2018


This morning I can finally go on an FBG walk, first for the week!
There's only been a couple posted this week, which is really unusual.
So, this walk is one I've done before, it's a nice distance from memory, just over 5 kms.  With any luck there will be a hot chocolate at a local coffee shop afterwards too.

Some girlfriend company will be neat.

 ABOVE: When I get home I have THREE more Zig Zag Table Runners ready for stitching, all are different sizes.  And all are in blue tones.  If I can get them all finished by Sunday I will be happy. (that's a long one and a short one above)

Right, I'm off to get dressed, ready for walking.  I've decided to 'retire' my VERY LARGE T-shirt!  It's just too big now!  Luckily I have another one that is much smaller and it fits me fine.  Won't it be fantastic when I have to order an even smaller one!  *smiles*


AND.... *sigh*... I didn't get to go on the walk after all.
I got out of bed, had a shower and by the time I was ready to get dressed I had a thumping headache... so I got back into bed thinking I could sleep it off in time to go.
But no.  So... I quietly went into the sewing room and started sewing.

Till our son Russell turned up for a cuppa tea at 10 am.  It's always nice to see him, he's a 'pop in' sorta guy.  lol

I'm making good progress on the blue zig zag runner... should get it finished today sometime.

Headache has gone now... couple of panadol sorted that out.  Sad I missed the walk though, I was really looking forward to it.

3.30 pm:  And I just had my first massive cock up with the sewing this year!  I put the last two rows on in the wrong position, and I was on the LAST step of putting it all together too.

So ... I had to do a shit load of unpicking and adding batting and fabric to places that didn't now have any.... Grrrrr!   I was going to just put it aside 'for another day', but knew I'd just leave it forever, so I did it.

After finishing this runner, I realised that it is PERFECT... it just has an extra 'seam' in the back! So... without further 'ado'... :

ABOVE:  I think it is gorgeous... and I will probably be making myself one in the near future!  

Dinner is in the oven... a sausage/onion/potato/tomato bake.  Should be good!

A little 'funny'... I am finding it difficult to photograph these longer runners... and I ALMOST found myself climbing onto the kitchen bench... before I remembered that's how I broke my camera, and almost myself too!
So, I stood on a chair and held my camera up to the ceiling to get the shot.  Much safer.  lol

8.30 pm:  Settling down to watch a couple of favourite TV programmes ... then I'll probably do a wee bit more sewing before bed.
It's been rather quiet on here today... you fulla's do know I thrive on comments eh?  When I don't hear much from you... I think you are bored!

OK, OK.. .today has been a bit boring to be true, me just sewing... sewing... but come on!  I'm creating!  

I will try to do better tomorrow!  


  1. Hi Chris... it's great your T shirt is too big but take it in!! I took all Stu's T shirts in when he lost weight. Just run the entire sides in from under arm to bottom, trim and overlock. It works a treat :)

  2. Good Morning DCR world 😊

  3. well done you down sizing the T shirt..surprize the blue light house runner is going on your stall would have thought u would have kept this one hope you have ahd a nice walk and a hot chocolate

  4. Those colors look amazing together. Very cute. Sort od a change to see a nonChristmas one!

  5. I love your sewing posts! I’ve just bight myself a new sewing machine and am starting again after a 20 year break. I used to sew clothes, but am now making bags, and am wanting to start patchwork. How did you back the beautiful blue runner?

    1. How exciting, a new machine. What sort did you get? As for the backing of the blue runner, it's just plain navy blue! I suggest if you've not done patchwork before to look up YouTube Video Tutorials, they are great!

    2. I got an Elna Experience 580,.. I’ve been watching heaps of YouTube videos, loving The Midnight Quilt Show!

  6. A smaller shirt is a great prize. Keep up the good work. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. My daughter bought a fish eye thing she puts on her phone and it gets more in the pic. It's really cool!

  8. Too bad you don't know anybody who sews, they could probably adjust your t-shirt so it would fit.


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