Saturday, September 15, 2018



It's a whole new ball game at Tamahere Market.
You have to arrive early enough to actually get your car near to your site for a start.  Then setting up the gazebo and making sure it's tied down will be new.

And there's going to be a whole new group of other stall holders too.  So, I'm nervous.

But at least at this market Stew will be staying with me the whole time, that's new!  And I will really enjoy having him with me.  I'm looking at it as 'us' time ... *smiles*.  I doubt Stew will see it that way though.

I'm taking him away from his Saturday morning Sport watching.  Sorry Stewy.

Oh my I'm really hoping this goes well!

It will be interesting to see how long it takes to get our car back on site, pack up and get home again!  Something tells me it's going to take much longer than half an hour, which is how long it usually takes me to pack up and get home from the Cambridge market.

This afternoon we are expecting visitors.  I shall not say who for now, as it could still fall through.  

Now... how about some dog photos?  The girls got groomed two days ago:

 ABOVE:  I am so happy with how Denim's tail hair is growing.  YES, her tail is much shorter now, but once that hair grows long you will hardly notice!

ABOVE: In this photo you can see just how much lighter Marley is now!  I think Denim is going to stay dark like her Dad, Mac.  

ABOVE:  This is Mac, taken a few years ago.  Denim certainly has his colouring!  He is a really lovely dog.

Right, I'm outta here, got to get to Tamahere, it's only about 10 minutes down the road though, so no biggie.  Wish me luck... AGAIN!


FOGGY. But... I'm warm enough with me thermals on.
Fairly slow so far....

ABOVE:  our stall... it was a nice site.

2.00 pm:  AND... it didn't get any better ... sales wise!
I made a few sales, but nothing like I was expecting!  We will persevere though, cos it's bound to pick up closer to Christmas.  After that though?  Not sure.

Parking and unpacking and repacking the car was not as difficult as I had imagined, or been warned about... thank goodness.  We got packed up and were home again by 1.35 pm, which was excellent.

I'm now cooking me boiled eggs to have with my seafood for lunch.

Then... relax for a while!

So dinner is done, made a lovely mac cheese with bacon.  
And now it's wind down for the day time.  Signing off, catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Have a great market day!!

  2. Wish I could come and be your first customer.

  3. Have an awesome day it is freezing down our way this morning.

  4. wish u well today Chris its a glorious day here so hope its same up there asnd no wind for you..x

  5. Good luck. Hope you have a fantastic dayChris.

  6. Good luck for today's market. I hope that you have an awesome day.

  7. Good Luck today Ma, have a great time and for the love of G... please be warm xxx

  8. Good luck and have a wonderful day with Stew.

  9. Such a cheerful booth!


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