Friday, September 21, 2018


I'm gunna sleep in today.
I have no plans at all.  Bloody nice for a change I must say.

There's a good chance once I get up I will make a few more soft toys, get some washing on, do some cleaning... bla bla bla.

Just a normal day in other words.

I have toyed with the idea of going on an FBG walk at 9.30 am, but meh... I'm just a bit tired.

Wish I could sleep better!  That would make SUCH a difference to my life.  But I wake up a minimum of 3 times every night, more often than not it's more times.

Friggin hot flushes, OMG they have so much to answer for!

ABOVE: I cut out two more dogs last night, this is one of them... well.... it's part of one!
It's been such fun these past few days making soft toys.  I've got two dogs cut out, 2 owls cut out and of course I want to make more of the soft dolls too!  

So much to do, it's GREAT.  And these toys are FUN, and who doesn't want to be having fun each and every day?

 ABOVE:  I saw this somewhere the other day, and just had to share.  Too funny.

And on that score, I'm outta here.  Might get a bit more shut eye. Yeah... sounds good.


9.51 am.... OMG I'm still in bed! I actually SLEPT WELL. First time in forever. 
 But I might just get up now. *smiles*

FELICITY: Thanks for the tip about the cheap/on sale fill at Spotlight...just bought 4 bags full. *smiles*

3.50 pm:  And our day has gone like this:
I woke Brylee up at 10 am and dragged her off to Hamilton with me.

We went to David's Emporium to find wadding and ribbons, but had no luck.  So we went to Spotlight, where they had a sale on most stuff and I got FOUR big 1 kg bags of wadding on sale.  
I also got just a tiny bit of fabric, enough to make 3 dogs, and some ribbon which was on sale for $2 a roll, which was pretty good.

Then we went to The Base searching for everyday tights for me, but I just couldn't find anything I liked that were short enough.  I don't want 7/8th length, I want half length.

So, we ended up having some lunch and then coming home.

Since then I've made this little dog:

ABOVE:  Super happy with this one, it is gender neutral, which I like.

I'm now taking a break for a while, then sorting out dinner... cos well... I have to.  Not like I actually WANT TO... but seeing as I'm the one at home...

9.36 pm:  Family fed, more sewing done... sorted out my post for tomorrow, hope it doesn't cause a shit storm!
And that's all for today.


  1. that Queen picture took me a hot minute to get it!!! But hilarious!!! Christy xxx

  2. wow still in bed at nearly 10 guess u be chasing your tail all day catching up hope u feel rested and have an awesome friday my friend

  3. glad u got stuffing Im sure u will use it in no time

  4. Sometimes if I drink too much Diet Coke I get hot flashes like and my heart races. Have you tried drinking caffeine free Diet Coke?

    1. No I have not... maybe I should give it a go?

    2. Might be worth a shot!

  5. we (you) got tights for you the other day lol..blinken fussy shopaholic lol 😂 xx

    1. Those tights were for WALKING... I need a few for every day wear too.

  6. Have a great weekend. The new toy are lovely.


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