Friday, September 14, 2018


Well I'm thrilled to bits to tell you... I got into the Tamahere Market!

My first time attending there will be THIS SATURDAY... shit, that's tomorrow!

ABOVE:  I am very excited about this market, I'm hoping it goes better than the Cambridge one.

The other good thing about this one is that there's bathrooms, a kitchen, food stalls and  EFTPOS facilities ALL ON SITE.

And NO TRASH, no cheap imports ... it's all quality New Zealand made products. (though I do remember seeing a guy selling 2nd hand tools)

So today...  I've got an FBG walk on at 9.30 am, though I might not go yet... rather tired after doing two yesterday.  I plan on getting more of the windows washed today as well.  With any luck I will get them finished today... but probably not.  There's quite a few to go.  *sigh*

 ABOVE:  I nicked this off Bex's Facebook... the three imps at a park the other day.  

ABOVE:  And then I saw this posted on Facebook too... and I'm like... OMG I so want to do a seahorse!  Maybe just a single one first as a wall hanging?
I don't have a pattern, but it doesn't look too hard to copy.  Just. Have. To. Find. The. Time.

And on that note... TIME ... I better get moving.  Let's see if I actually go on that walk.



Today's walk.. YES, I did go!  And it started out very overcast and cool... and ended with the sun blazing down on us and bloody hot!  I was struggling at the end with the heat.

ABOVE: Our 'walk photo' for today. There were 9 of us girls, and 6 dogs!

Before you ask... NO I don't take any of my dogs on the FBG walks. It's my time to just WALK and enjoy time out, and not have to stop every 2.3 minutes for someone to have a piddle or poo, or untangle them, or stop so they can investigate a new bush!

Now... the windows are gunna have to wait. I'm too damn tired to do them today. I'm calling it a rest day! And tomorrow is going to be full on with the market then visitors, so they probably won't get done till next week now.

Nearly lunchtime and I'm hungry.... seafood salad again I do believe. *smiles*

I really had no idea just how tired I was, till today. I've had no energy what so ever all afternoon.

But... probably walking over 20 kilometers this week has something to do with it, not to mention all the bloody window/ceiling cleaning I've been doing too.

So, it's been a quiet afternoon. Brylee and I did pop down town to get more bulldog clips, in case it's another windy day tomorrow. Don't want me wares flying off the tables at market!

Dinner tonight is going to be an easy one, chicken steaks, with a cheesy macaroni on the side. Sounds weird, but I'm sure it will be yummy. I won't be having the macaroni obviously.

DOGSTARS:  Awww,  thank you for such a lovely comment.   

Well it's the end of the day, and it's time to chill out for a while before packing the car for tomorrow's market.  Doubt I will sleep well tonight... I always toss and turn all night stressing over details, and a fear of sleeping in!


  1. So miss the photos of the kidlets so great to see this one.

  2. well done on the walk(s) Chris! It's boiling hot here today and I just finished 2 hours of tennis!!! Dripping! I know it's gonna be a looooong hot summer and I'm nervous!!! Christy xxx

  3. Anonymous3:03 PM

    how do you make your seafood salad?

    1. Ideally, when I have all the ingredients: Surimi, shrimps, prawns, tomato, boiled egg, capsicum, parsley and chives or spring onions... all chopped up and mixed with thousand island dressing. Today I didn't have tomato or capsicum. Sometimes all I have is surimi!... but then technically, it's not a salad! lol

    2. Of course, you can add other seafood too like mussels, calamari and so on... but I use what I like most.

  4. I am so inspired by your, I don't know what to call it..... Your drive and determination. You have all these "opportunities" to bail. To skip the walk, because of xyz excuse. Yet, you NEVER do! You are walking, and sticking to that restrictive (in my opinion( diet. You are really doing ALL the right things. I am proud of you!

  5. Good luck on Saturday. Well done on the walking. Have a wonderful weekend.


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