Thursday, September 13, 2018


Last night, when the sun was very low in the sky, I decided to try taking some photos of the full sun...

ABOVE:  How amazing does that look!
I was surprised it worked... taking photos of the sun was hard on the eyes though.

As it set the stunning colour went, we didn't even have a good 'sunset' sky.  I'm so glad I tried it though, cos I didn't expect what I got.

First thing this morning I have to take Griffin down to the Medlab for a blood test.  He has to have a test before he starts the new acne medication, and then every three months after that. 
I also have to take photos of his face/back every two weeks to a month, to compare.  (Dr's orders)... so it's going to be interesting to see how long it takes before we see an improvement.

After that blood test, we take Marley and Denim to the groomers... THEN Griffin is joining me and the FBG's on a walk at 11 am!
He asked to come, so I'm not going to say no to spending time with him.  Not often your teenage son wants to go walking with you!

I also have another FBG walk tonight!  7 pm.
Both these walks are ones I've done before... we haven't had any new ones added this week.
Can't wait for new ones.

So, it's going to be a busy day!


It was PERFECT weather for a walk this morning.  Overcast, with a mildly chilly wind.

ABOVE:  Even Griffin enjoyed himself... being around women suits him.  *smiles*  He gets on with everyone.

Been taking it easy since getting home.  Picked up the pups from the groomers.  OMLord, Marley is so much lighter in colour now!  Even Denim is lightening up, but not as much as Marley.
I will try and post photos at some point soon.

But right now, I'm going to prepare dinner. 

So dinner is in the oven, a sausage and bacon bake... should be lovely.

Eagerly looking forward to my next walk tonight... now days I see them as another step towards a healthier, smaller me!  And I do love the company of course, nothing like walking with friends.  It makes it so much easier to do.

Griffin assures me he is still joining me too... which surprises me!  I was sure he would pike out.  Maybe he really enjoyed yakking with the girls today.  *smiles*

6.45 pm and right before I was about to head out for my walk... I got a blood sugar low!
So I gulped down a banana and a glucose tablet.. and off I went!
Man that worked fast too... within 10 minutes I was feeling 100% again.
Towards the end of the walk I started to feel really tired... so was very happy when we got to the end.

Home now and slowly warming up again.  It is a cold night.  And that's it from me for the day.


  1. My son took an acne medication around 15-16, it worked wonderfully. You would never know now (he's 21) that he ever had acne and it was terrible on his face and across his shoulders.

  2. Maria7:34 AM

    just keep a very good eye on Griffin while he is on meds. I remember one of my kids friends on strong meds for acne become very unstable and I think suicidal. Acne did clear up and he became stable again after he stopped meds. Here's a link to read about drug.

    One of my sons had very bad acne on his back. The thing that worked the best for that was clean sheets every night!

  3. Acne medication can be brilliant. I got a small amount of breakouts as an adult and was doing facial treatments and buying all kinds of expensive lotions and potions, then a beauty therepist ( who probably realised I had paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars to her with zero improvement) told me to talk to my dr about it, the dr prescribed doxycycline and waalaa, all cleared up in less the 2 weeks. ( but still had to take a pill a day for 3 mths) .

  4. Anonymous10:36 AM

    The medication works very well, he may only have to be on it for a few months. Just take the Drs advice not all the old wives tales that will start being

  5. oh god clean sheets every night that would do ya head in Chris but I know when I was selling linen a lot of sales for pure cotton sheets (as apposed to polycotton) were becasue of skin problems, but acne comes from within hope u get a grip on lovly he going on the walk with you

    1. That is why my son just used a clean towel on his pillow each night. It was more effective than anything else he tried. No-one wants to change sheets every day :-)

  6. Lovely that he wants to walk with you. He is a delightful young man and you and Stew must be so proud of him. Would he allow you to show some of the progress photos here?

  7. I will ask him re: acne progress photos.

  8. Maria2:19 PM

    Just to be clear re the bed sheets

    We worked this out when he went on a trip and had fresh sheets each night in different hotels. The improvement was worth all the washing when he came home.

    But back acne can be different to face acne, the spots were becoming infected from the dirty sheets etc. My boy didn't really much acne on his face, if he did he would probably wanted to go on meds, but as was on his back he didn't want too.(he hates taking pills etc)

    Anyway I hope meds work for Griffin, I didn't mean to imply they wouldn't.

    1. I never for one moment thought you were implying meds wouldn't work. Good on you for doing the sheet thing, I doubt I could change his sheets every day... it would be a nightmare. I will try changing his pillowslip every day though, might be more comfy than a towel.

  9. Sandy in the USA3:10 PM

    The clean towel on the pillow works well. Can be a bit uncomfortable for some people I guess, but it's only temporary. Just make sure the towel isn't too thick if that's the route you guys take. Did Griffin get taller? He seems like a really nice lad :)

    1. Yes that boy is still growing! He's now 6 foot 3 inches!!!

  10. What a great photo of Griffin and the group. Glad he enjoyed the walk. Hope his meds help.

  11. How wonderful he wanted to tag along. Enjoy your walks together.

  12. Your sun photos are amazing! Griffin is a giant!

  13. By golly Griffin is tall. Good job young man, on doing stuff with ya mum :) And of course, charming all the ladies ;)

  14. Omg, Griffin is sooooooo tall! :) I remember when I started reading your blog 10 years ago and he was just a little boy. I am so happy to see him and Brylee grow up into wonderful people. You and Stew have done a great job!;)


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