Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Yesterday morning I could hear the next door neighbour's dog going nuts along the fence line... like usual.  Only, he sounded much louder and more prolific in his barking.

So I went outside to check out what was going on.

And bugger me!  There was a second dog there, and he was not happy with me at all...he barked at me heaps and didn't run away like the other one.  He was the one making all the noise yesterday!

Oh man, I hope that new dog is just visiting!  I will go mental if it's there for good... having both of them barking all day will totally piss me off.

YES, we have THREE dogs, but they don't bark all bloody day!  Only when there's someone going down the driveway. AND, our dogs are not left on their own all day long either.  So, fingers crossed this 'new' dog's only visiting, cos if not, I think I really will be complaining to the council.

ABOVE: We have been getting some pretty amazing sunsets lately.  This one isn't the best we've had, but the colours are gorgeous.

Today I am going to get stuck into cleaning some windows.  Like, I've put it off long enough!

I doubt I will get them all done today, but I hope to get a decent amount done.

So... that's about it from me for now... catch ya later.


ABOVE: Ready...

OMG... see all the cleaning products I got ready?   Thought I would need at least half of them... especially the glass cleaner right?


ABOVE: This stuff is AMAZING! It's not only cleaning the window frames... it's also leaving the glass perfectly streak free too!  Never buying glass cleaner again. 

 ABOVE:  THAT feels so satisfying!  See how disgustingly dirty our windows were!!!

Of course, as you go along, you do other bits 'n' bobs in a room.  Like, I just hung net curtains in our ensuite... cos I want to keep the window open, but our neighbours can literally see in if they look.  So now, they can't.

And in the spare bedroom the bed needed making with clean linen, and the floor needed vacuming.  So that got done too.

And I got a load of washing done and hung out... as ya do.

ABOVE:  I can't believe I've been on the go all morning, it's now midday, and all I've done is three rooms.   I am going to have a break then move on to another couple of windows.

2 pm: Two more crossed off the list.... and a bathroom ceiling washed as well.  I'm done for the day.  Well cleaning any way.  My hands are all wrinkly... not a pretty look.

Can get more done on Friday.... tomorrow is pretty busy doing other shit.

EDIT:  The extra noisy dog from yesterday seems to have been just a visitor, as it's not there today.  Thank goodness!  The one that lives there all the time was no where near as noisy today either.  It's been lovely and quiet!

Took Griffin to the Dr this afternoon.  Decided to see if we could get something for his acne.  Seems medical advances in the past decade have made treatments more effective!
He starts new medication tomorrow.  Fingers crossed it works.

I fed the family pork belly, mashed potato and veges for dinner tonight, it was OK.  Kinda gone off it myself.

Quiet evening ahead, I'm bloody tired after cleaning windows and doing housework for over 6 hours solid today.


  1. I suspect doggie number 2 has been bought to keep doggie number 1 company in the hope that they would become best buddies and not bark all day - seems that plan is not going well.

  2. love your notice board

  3. I wish I had your energy and motivation.... we've lived in our house 12 years and I'm embrassed to say the windows have never been cleaned!!!! In my defence, they are old and fragile stained glass and I'm scared to do it, but I could have at least TRIED lololol Christy xxx

  4. Ok so after your effort I have cleaned some of my window frames. Luckily mine are black so much easier to look clean. I did do an entire house lot though at our rental property and they were white - what a job that was, the tenants had never cleaned them in six years.

    About your dogs - do you leave then outside when you go out and if so, have you ever seen if they bark? Just wondering. I'm sure our neighbours don't realise what their damn dog does every single time I go outside! It goes aggressively mental and I swear if the fence was any lower it would jump it and savage me. I'm not saying your dogs bark like that of course!!

    1. Our dogs are NEVER left outside at any time. I highly doubt they bark when we are out... when I've gone walking and come home again, I sure in hell don't hear them barking. They only bark if someone is going down the driveway down the side of our home, or if someone arrives at our front door. I don't know if the neighbours KNOW their dog barks all morning or not ... but I ain't telling them cos I don't want to cause tension between us. Luckily, the 2nd, noiser dog isn't there today so they must have been looking after it yesterday.

    2. Yes, I didn't think you'd leave your dogs out. If they are inside then their barking wouldn't be an issue anyway. We have two or three neighbours who leave their dogs outside and there is another dog locked in a shed that I can hear from time to time (it's very sad to hear it crying/barking).

  5. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Yes, they have good medication for acne now. It is also good to go to a dermatologist if necessary, always good to start on the medication before the skin scars. He is a very handsome boy.


  6. Samyson had major acne issues when he was younger & one thing that made a huge difference for him was he has a clean towel on his pillow at night refold/change every night.

  7. Hi Chris, I know you didn't ask for advice on clearing acne, but I really believe there is a strong link between dairy products and acne. Christy xxx


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