Monday, September 10, 2018


Right this minute, I'm still in bed.
Trying to decide if I will go walkies with the FBG's or not.

I'm sure I SHOULD go, but I don't want to get outta bed!

I don't have ANY plans for the day at all, apart from that 'maybe' walk.

I do have ONE huge job penned in for this week, and it's pretty BORING.  But totally necessary.

WINDOWS.  Frames and gutters.  They are disgustingly grotty!  Aluminium window frames get mould on them!  Yep, disgusting.
So, over the next few days I am going to clean them all.  Not a job I'm actually looking forward to, but it has to be done.

It's not like we have even neglected them over winter! They got cleaned about 2 months ago... but they need doing again.  *sigh*

I hope to  hear around mid-week if I have been allocated a site for the Tamahere Market on Saturday.  IF I do get a site, the first thing I am going to do is go out and buy some proper THERMAL TIGHTS... cos I ain't going to freeze my buns off again!  Yesterday was so awful... it's a wonder I didn't get sick from being so bloody cold!  At least I have three thermal long sleeve tops, so I don't have to buy them.

Oh... the other thing I'm waiting on this week is:  I emailed the organiser of the Labour Weekend Market, at the Church down the road, asking for a bigger site... so I can use my gazebo.  If it rains and we can't use the gazebo, we simply can't go.  So, Ian is going to get back to me on that this week too.  Another 'fingers crossed' situation.

If I do go out, I will swing by a chemist and look at Magnesium Cream for cramps.  Cos they are a right bitch right now.   Behind the thigh ones freakin' hurt like buggery!!!  

Actually, I will go out ... JUST FOR THAT if nothing else.

So... right now...  will I or won't I get outta bed and go walking???



So ... did I go for a walk?

 ABOVE: WHY YES! Yes I did... and it was lovely.

Then I came into Hamilton ...

ABOVE: The main street is DEAD!  I checked out this place for thermal tights...

ABOVE: A bit too pricey... even with the discount... so I went next door to Farmers..

ABOVE: And I got the last 2 pair for less than the price of one pair at Kathmandu!

Having lunch with Stew now before heading home.

Hee hee... I didn't head home, I went to K Mart and got some new, bloody cheap bras!  They were desperately needed.  My 'doctored' ones were just not a nice fit or look... that photo above in me t-shirt made me go 'ikkk'.
So I have t-shirt bras, they fit good and give me a much nicer shape. 

Now I'm home and it's been a very good day so far.

I heard from the organiser of the Church Market on Labor Day, and he's letting me use my gazebo, even though it will jut out onto the driveway of the church a bit. So stoked about that, as it's a good site really.

And that's about all for now... I have dinner sorted, lamb rissoles and veges.

Dinner... was lovely.  I've been doing quite a few vege/meat bakes in the oven lately and they are going down well!

Quiet evening, which is good after a busy day.
Off to bed soon... did I tell you I had a really good sleep last night?  Yep, first good night in ages.  And no cramps last night which was excellent.


  1. Hmmm, I'm guessing you're still tucked up in bed! Have a great day and I hope you get those cramps sorted.

  2. Check Kathmandu online for the thermals, at this time of year they should on clearance.

  3. lovely u got to have lunch with your man x

  4. Magnesium tablets are good for cramp too but they also help you sleep and relax.

  5. I was going to say you didn't cos I couldn't see you in the photo until I realised you were the one in the middle ... Lordy you have lost weight girl.


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