Sunday, September 02, 2018


While we were out yesterday, our neighbour did more hedge pruning.
I didn't even notice till Griffin pointed it out to me... and I was a bit surprised.

 ABOVE:  For his third go at the hedge he went EVEN LOWER!  In one place it just looks like he's hacked at it with a chainsaw!  Now we have a hedge that is two different heights...

ABOVE:  Actually hold it.. now we have a hedge that is THREE different heights.  He still hasn't finished it.  I wonder if he will today?  
I hope he doesn't go any lower. 
We have never seen his windows before... not sure I like it that low.  But then, I didn't like it that high either so I better not complain.

It is a rapid growing hedge, so the poor bugger will have to do it all again next year I expect.

As it is now only one week till my next Cambridge market, I am going to spend the day sewing.
It was lovely to spend the day with Stew and Griffin yesterday, but today it's back to it.  

Not sure what the rest of the family will get up to... I think Stew wants to have another look at our washing machine, it's leaking.  As the weather if looking iffy ... I doubt he will get the moss and lichen killer on the roof this weekend either.  Oh well... plenty of time to worry about that later.  It's not like the roofs going to rot or anything.  *smiles*


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DARLING... for all that you do for me and the family... WE LOVE YOU.

So I'm sitting here thinking about my next market, and how best to display MORE table runners.  I'm thinking some sort of ladder type thing I can hang from the sides of the gazebo (when I use it at Tamahere Market)... and Stew comes up with this idea:

ABOVE:  How about we get an airing rack...

ABOVE:  Deconstruct it...

ABOVE:  And tie it to the top framework of the gazebo?  
WHAT A MAN!  Excellent idea, and so we went out and bought two of them... but actually, we probably only need one as it breaks down into quite a few pieces.

I could always use the other one just like this:

ABOVE:  IF I have room for using it like that of course.  Under the gazebo is a rather large area though!  3 X 3 metres is a big area!  I'm sure I can fill it up.  *smiles*

Well I finally got to the sewing room and have been stitching for an hour or so.  Stew got a bit done outside before the heavens opened and literally pissed down!  Sideways even.

It's gone cold again today. Not nice at all.
I hope everyone is having a lovely day with their Dads/family.

I shall get back to me sewing as it's dead quiet on here.

Right, it's 9 pm and I just finished another Christmas Runner.  I'm not making any more for now.  Instead, I will start on some different ones tomorrow.
More 'year round' ones I think.

Signing off for the night, got to go and tidy up the sewing room... it's a mess.  And if you know anything about me at all, it's that I really don't like a mess!


  1. That man of yours is very clever. Has great ideas. Always has. He employed me haha.

  2. What a fab idea, have been stalking your blog for a while now, your family craziness seems quite similar to ours!!!!!
    A while ago you had done a table runner with elves at each end, how much would one of those be because I totally loved it, have a great week

    1. Hi Sandra. The Elf Table Runners are $50 NZ, plus about $7.50 postage within New Zealand. There is a blue one and a green one.

  3. The hanging racks look great. Just don’t let any of your beautiful creations touch any muddy ground,!

  4. The clothes Aires make good racks, a couple of bulldog clips would hold them firmly enough that they could stay on there for a quick pack up.Good thinking Stu


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