Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Today I'm going to be making more soft toy dogs all morning, then I'm off to meet up with some girlfriends for lunch out at the Avantidome coffee shop.

It's temping to actually walk out there on the riverside pathway.  Just not sure if it's safe on me own?  Or perhaps I could walk out there on the main road?  Hmmmm... it might just depend on the weather, I'm not going to walk out to lunch in the rain!

I've not been to the Avantidome cafe for lunch before, so it will be good to see what it's like.  I hope they have something I can eat that isn't carb loaded or full of sugar.

After lunch I shall be coming back home and doing more sewing.  
Or maybe some housework, cos that shit never sleeps.

I got these two owls finished late last night:

 ABOVE:  I'm getting a nice supply of these owls now.  *smiles*
They are super cute and fun to make.

ABOVE: Even though I was really tired last night, I stayed up and cut out two more soft toy dogs.  I will sew them up today.  It takes a while to cut them out, so I'm a step ahead already today.


After Stew left for work... I dozed off again, to wake up at 8.45 am!!!  I was shocked.  I didn't even hear the kids get up and leave for school.
Man, I must have been tired.

So... I got stuck into me sewing, then went out for lunch.

 ABOVE: The cafe is called ' The Bikery', rather apt as it's attached to a huge Avantidome.
Very nicely decorated.

 ABOVE: By the time everyone arrived we had commandeered another table, as we ended up being a group of about 14.

ABOVE: The menu is fairly limited, but nice.  I had a sausage roll and side salad.  I think I would have been very happy with just the salad.  The roll was average.

I didn't stay long after eating as the acoustics inside were atrocious, I could hardly hear what anyone was saying... in fact even the woman right next to me was impossible to hear!

But on a whole, it was a nice lunch and I'm glad I went.

And now.. back to sewing!

ABOVE: And... now I have three more dogs.  And I'm tired.  Well... my eyes are tired.  Think I'm gunna take a break for an hour or so before getting dinner ready.

Which is going to be Chicken Tika Masala.  The sauce is out of a bottle, cos I'm not that good a cook!

Well ... no more sewing for me today, just jammed two fingers and thumb in sliding door. MEGA PAIN!!!!!  typing one handed kinda sucks too. Owwwww  owwwww owwwww, so painful.

Thank god for painkillers!  I can't believe how much my damn fingers are hurting.  YES, I'm a sook.  I own it.  

And that's my day done.  Off to bed soon... I'm exhausted for some reason.


  1. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Love the owls 😍😍 just dropped archer to his first day alone at kindy. He cried but not like dante did lol. I'm getting really good at getting out of sight real quick lol
    Have a lovely lunch sounds nice.

  2. Those 2 owls are the cutest yet! Love the bright colors.

  3. those soft toys are beyond adorable, I'm sure they will be super popular for Christmas gifts, Christy xxxxx

  4. You should make some more of the ducks you made a few years ago.

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  6. Those little dogs are so cute!! Hopefully they will sell quickly at market.

  7. ouch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Silly billy! Ice on them might help a little.

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  10. Marlene has left a new comment on your post "SEWING/LUNCH OUT/SEWING":

    I feel your pain....Ouch!!! Love those three dogs-best yet in my mind.

  11. Tracy has left a new comment on your post "SEWING/LUNCH OUT/SEWING":

    Ugh, I hate going to places where you cannot hear properly. I find it so frustrating.

  12. Dee has left a new comment on your post "SEWING/LUNCH OUT/SEWING":

    Nothing worse than buisness's than have shocking acoustics, it ruins the outing


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