Saturday, March 31, 2018


Because I wasn't happy with where we had moved the huge garden pot (wasn't safe for small kids), Stew and Griffin moved it again yesterday afternoon while I was in Hamilton getting that little pill.

 ABOVE:  This is where the pot was briefly.  Stew put some transplanted flax plants, the wooden bull rushes and the blue glass pole there instead.  Doesn't it look lovely now?

ABOVE:  It is now set back in a more protected part of the garden, away from where the little kids play.  I'm much happier with it here.  And it is nice and visible too, more so than where it was originally.

So, today Stew will get the lawns mown hopefully.  He kinda ran out of time/energy yesterday afternoon.

I'm not sure what I will get up to.  But, something or nothing, it will be a nice day I'm sure.
I hope you are all having an awesome Easter with family and/or friends.

Talking of Easter...

ABOVE:  I've only had two of them so far!

WELL... this weekend that is.  lol

ABOVE:  Joel, Sofia and Brylee on top of the Kaimai ranges yesterday.  Lovely photo!


Is there an improvement?  Kinda.  I think it's too early to tell.  But maybe?

Feeling like shit though.  Got a weird headache thing going on.  Heavy over the eyes.  Like I should really just go back to sleep for hours!

But, we are going out instead.  Just into Hamilton to visit Stew's Mum's grave.  She's been gone for 30 years (last Thursday).  After that we will have a nice lunch out before coming home again.

4.01 pm:  An interesting afternoon.
We took the loaner camera back to Snapshot, and I bought a spare battery for my camera.  
I had to use my phone camera while out as my battery was flat.  Derrr.

Lunch.  Decided to try a new place in the Centre Place foodcourt:

 ABOVE:  Stew ordered a chicken burger for me, asked for it to have NO spices as I can't eat anything spicy.  He also got a few pieces of tandoor chicken, and 'normal' chicken.  And some chips.

Review:  I took one small bite of the burger and declared it inedible (for me) as it was hot and spicy!  The tandoori chicken (according to Stew) had a nice taste but the chicken itself was hard and dry.  The 'normal' chicken was spicy and dry too.  Their chips were super thin and cold.


Walking back to our car, we passed a 'Games Shop' and Stew said he wouldn't mind going in there one day.  So I said why not now?  So we did.

What a neat shop!  So many games and puzzles and model kits and so on!

 ABOVE:  STEVE... look at all the dice!!!  And that was not all of them.

ABOVE:  We got this cute wee game... Griffin and I played it in the car.. I kept winning, then he won a game too.  Such simple fun.

ABOVE:  I got two new packs of cards, but somehow I managed to take up two different sets, so Stew is going to take them back and exchange one so we have two the same.  Don't know how I managed to do that!  Blonde moment?

ABOVE:  After being in town, we went out to Newstead cemetery and tidied up Stew's parent's grave.  It was a mess.  Hard to believe 30 years have passed since we lost his Mum!

Home now, and we've had too much to eat and are just blobbing out now. 

Dinner will be snacks.  

'Snacks'... included easter eggs, chips and dip!  Totally lost the plot lately, can't even remember what a healthy meal is!
Emotional eating.  Utterly to blame.  Have felt really cranky and annoyed since last weekend.  

And the dreaded 'T' hasn't helped either... I'm hoping that in the next couple of days it will clear up totally.

I'm now watching Coronation Street, it's a 2 hour session tonight. BLISS.


  1. I haven't had any yet. Kind of surprising lol

  2. Ha ha loved the Creme egg pic, had to share it! Happy Easter x

  3. Love the way you guys have rearranged the garden Ornament etc It sure is a feature and looks lovely with the surroundings.
    Great to see the way your garden is becoming you guys own personalities and so colourful It sure looks good

    Lovely photo taken up on the Kaimai ranges of them all. They will all have a gr8 time together and its a neat place to go

    Hope you 3 have a good day there today and get to create some more happy memories

    Thanks for sharing on here , Love all the bright colourful pics,, etc and hope your health gets back to normal very soon Chris . Not pleasant going thru the dreaded T


  4. Your garden is great, Ted loves the wooden bull rush.
    Thanks for the big congratulations on your blog yesterday. Summer will be our last grandchild, all the kids have now completed their families.
    Happy Easter.

  5. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Pot looks super there and your garden looking grand as always. An increase in sugar adds to T but I guess you know that. Lovely shot ofbtge kids for a brief moment I thought it was Keera. Here's to a relaxing weekend for some me 3rd day of 12 hour shift ( won a site contract) have 4 days to whip 14 buildings into shape top to toe clean!! Tis me Blondie.

    1. I've had diabetes for about 6 years... never had T. Last time was 20+ years ago due to heat/travelling. THIS time it is down to me having been on antibiotics for weeks with the dental work. Not sugar levels. Just clearing that up.

    2. Anonymous11:25 PM

      I never knew that diabeties and thrush went together. I have never had an issue with thrush in the 5+ years I have has diabeties


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