Monday, March 19, 2018


Scary bit first.  Today I go back to the dentist for the 2nd part of the second root canal.
I'm not really shitting myself... well not much!

The best thing about today though is that it's the last appointment.  All going well.

Next:  Those gazillion photos from yesterday... in no particular order, and only captions on a few:

 ABOVE:  Ren drew a sketch of Bex's Dad, when he was about 25 I think. Further down on this post is the picture, alongside Bex's brother Chris... the likeness is stunning!

 ABOVE:  Steve holding Ren's baby girl Evie.
Such a cutie.

 ABOVE:  The rabbit hand over.

 ABOVE:  Father...............................................and son!

 ABOVE:  The Cleary's  rabbits arriving.  

 ABOVE:  Don't ask... just accept those boys like each other!

And that's another birthday done and dusted.  There's several more over the next month or two... no more party's though.

The next family gathering will be my birthday I expect?   Might be re-thinking having a party though... can't bear the thought of dramas that always seem to happen.  It just takes all the fun out of it... cos no matter what I do... it just keeps happening.  I ain't letting anyone stuff up another of my birthdays, particularly my next one!  

Now... I am going to try and get through the next few hours without freaking out!  Relax... relax... yeah right!


Not being allowed to eat or drink since last night... got a thumping headache.  And the nerves are really kicking in again... I really thought I would feel OK about it by now?  Clearly not.

I've got a FBG girlfriend coming to take me to the dentist, and bring me home again after wards.  Stew is in Auckland all day, otherwise, of course, he would have taken me.

Right, one hour to go.... back. to. the. bathroom.

1.48 pm:  and it's over!   All done.  Don't have to go back for a year... and it's debatable if I do go again!  Though maybe I will?  I think it would be better to go regularly, so I don't end up having two root canals again. So costly!

The sedation needle wasn't QUITE as painful as the last time, when he missed the first time and had to go in for a 2nd attempt!  I think he gave me more of the medication too, cos I didn't shake my way through the entire procedure this time either.

Just so glad it's over.

I can relax now. Properly.

I have taken some painkillers for the headache, which is due to dehydration of course. And now I'm going to have a sleep, cos I feel really drowsy.

I really struggled to actually go to sleep... just cat napped at the end of the day.  Too many messages/texts/phone calls, one day I will learn to turn me phone OFF!

So, I'm feeling much better now... just made me poor, tired hubby his dinner.  He just got home from Auckland (7.35 pm).  Long day for him, he was up at 5.30 this morning. 

I'm going to sign off for the day now... it's going to be a nice, relaxing evening.


  1. All the best for today Chris. Just Breathe! Looks like it was the perfect day yesterday weatherwise. Lovely photos. Steve is a card! Lol the kids are all growing up. Thinking of you.

  2. Good luck at the dentist, I am sure it will all be fine and after today it should be all over until your annual check up which I am sure you will schedule each year rather than leave it for 25 odd years again :-).

  3. Oh good luck. I have my dental implant going in tomorrow morning. Hugs to you and sorry to hear about the drama yesterday. Thinking of you xxx

  4. First of all Fantastic you have the dentist all done and dusted .

    You should be proud of yourself because you went through with it and didnt do what lots of us would do and put it off for another day!!

    Well done you.. I Know the fear ,,,thats for sure!!!

    Fab pics and each one tells a story for you all to Remember..They are so photogenic and you seem to capture the "moment " brilliantly Chris..

    Your photography skills are ace and lovely happy family and friends there and such a colourful home and garden

    lots of Good days from this afty onwards

  5. PS Sorry forgot to say the sketching and likeness "Awesome" so talented .. Luvin it...

  6. Oh I can so sympathise with your dental visits, I hate them to and get pretty anxious about what my routine visits are going to find. I suspect I need a root canal at some stage as have a back tooth that’s become super sensitive to anything cold but will no doubt put it off until I start getting tooth ache from it.

  7. well done for toughing it it's behind you, you can relax, Christy xxx

  8. Great photos! You do have a knack for capturing beautiful smiles. The pictures of Brylee, Bex with the three kids, and Rena, are so darling!

  9. Fabulous photos a busy looking day cute kids big and small, I bet you are glad it's all over well done..

  10. The dentist I meant..

  11. Sorry JULIE: I managed to delete your comment by accident! Fat fingers on little phone keyboard... it happens now and then.

    Julie H has left a new comment on your post "A GAZILLION PHOTOS... AND DENTIST":

    Glad that's over with! I hate going to the dentist but it's so much better to do 2x a year than have a shit ton of dental work.


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