Saturday, March 17, 2018


Today is going to be sorta busy.

We are expecting Steve, Bex and the kids midday or early afternoon.
They are coming down for Bex's 30th Birthday Party, which is being held here tomorrow.

We are having a birthday lunch.

Today will be about planning what we need to do/make/get for it.

I finished the table runner that matches the dining chair cushions last night:

ABOVE:  I'm really happy with it.  I am tempted to make another one as a spare... or even one for the bench top?  Would that be too matchy-matchy?

Stew thinks I could make matching cushion covers for the chairs and couch in the family room... but I think that would be too much. While they are in the same 'room', they are separate areas.

Either way, I shall make something cos I have more of both those fabrics.

ABOVE: So nice to be getting beautiful, crystal clear photos again!  The new loaner camera is great, but what's best is having my (new) lens back.  It is so much better than the little 50 mm one I bought as a stop gap.

The 50 mm will be good for taking close ups and portraits, flower photos etc.

ABOVE:  Miss Muppet went for her yearly eye review.  She is entitled to a new pair of glasses every year... so Bex chose these new frames for her.  I love them!  So much nicer than the heavy dark blue ones she chose last year.

She only chose them to be like her Grandma... which was sweet, but these lighter ones suit her so much better.
She's got such a sweet little face, they look wonderful on her.
She will get them in a few weeks time.

There's quite a bit to do in the garden today too... everything is growing like crazy thanks to the tropical summer we've had.  So hot and wet... I'm so glad it's coming to an end!

Daylight saving ends in another two weeks.  Yaaaa!

Hmmmm.... I just thought of something!  I could make 8 matching placemats for the table?  Yep, I could, but probably not today.  *smiles*

And that's all I have for now... gotta go get some washing on.... get the kids to hang out their's... and so on.


OH wow... I've forgotten to update all day!

so, Stew and I went into Hamilton and did a small grocery shop for tomorrow's birthday, then to Spotlight for a few birthday party things.

 ABOVE:  Stew choosing balloons... there were heaps and heaps to choose from!

 ABOVE:  Why have we never bought a balloon blow up thingee before?  So easy to get them all blown up with.

ABOVE:  Getting the room decorated.  Steve and Bex arrived and were like ... "Wow, you didn't need to do that!"
But... it's not every day you turn 30 is it?

ABOVE:  Gorgeous kids... so lovely to see them again.

Well... it's been a lovely, exciting evening.  We tried a new craft technique... more on that another day.
Watching Coronation Street... then heading off to bed.  Busy day tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Love Keera’s glasses. Being diabetic I am expected to get an eye test every year but the last visit cost me $840 which included a special deal on the frames at $150 it won’t be happening

  2. Woe lovely photos of the kids, bright bright balloons 30 wow that's crept up fast... Bex enjoy.

  3. The pics of the kids are darling! Nice decorating, too!

  4. Totally agree with dogstars The brightness of all the pics and colours amazing.. The cushions and all that Work Awesome . They give it a year round summery look and feel

    Have a fab catchup together More memories and snaps to add to the happy days of 3 generations ..

  5. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Lovely pic of the Kids oh my they r growing up fast. No longer baby faces.
    Goodness can't have a party without balloons. Special memories for Bec

  6. Those three angels, so beautiful.

  7. I love your posts. Love Keera glasses.i want them. The kids are so cute. Good lookers. You do so much for your family Chris. I hope Bex enjoys the the decorations and tour dining decor.

  8. Oh and Happy Birthday Bex!

  9. What gorgeous photos!! Happy birthday Bex :) Can I ask what you mean when you say she's entitled to new glasses each year? Only asking because Cole's cost a fortune :)

    1. As far as I know, all children in New Zealand are eligible for free glasses, up to a certain price. And I think there is a cut off in age too. BUT I MIGHT BE WRONG.... it might be because Keera is under the WINZ umbrella? You can check by ringing OPSM.

    2. Thanks - yes might be a WINZ thing... good that she can get this though.

  10. I think the free glasses might be something to do with having a community services card ( but I could be wrong). We bought Jason’s daughter a pair of glasses in 2014, then another pair in 2015 ( after she broke her first pair and they couldn’t be repaired) someone mentioned they should be free, so we enquirers at spec savers were we got them from but as we didn’t have a community services card, we were told we didn’t qualify.

  11. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Those boys sure are mini Steve and mini Bex. Hope you had a great day Bex.

  12. She looks great with her new glasses. Happy Birthday to Bex! Looks like fun.


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