Thursday, March 08, 2018


A few years ago I bought a new PC.
I got an All-in-One Hewlett Packard TouchSmart PC.

I don't know what possessed me!  It has a touchscreen, and it has been the bane of my life ever since.

I never use the touchscreen features at all.  

Why do I loathe it?   Cos if a bloody fly lands on the screen (and it happens often) the screen goes crazy, or it opens another window, or it can even turn the bloody computer off!

And let's not talk about a breeze!  Seriously, if the fan blows on the screen it does the same thing.  Grrrr.

Well Griffin told me the other day I should be able to disable that feature!  So yesterday afternoon, after the screen had changed all on it's own several times due to a bloody fly landing on it... I explored the settings.  

Now I'm NOT that computer savvy, so it took me a while, BUT I DID IT!

I disabled the damn touchscreen!

WIN WIN WIN.  No more screens disappearing, or opening more windows, or turning itself off.

Rather happy about that I can assure you.

ABOVE:  now I can have the big fan on ME all the time!  It's not going to bugger up me screen ever again.

I wanted to visit my friend 'J' in hospital, but things are getting very dire now.  It's heartbreaking.  So I shall probably not see her again.
I had an Aunt pass away from the exact same cancer (Liver/abdominal) and I don't feel I can see 'J' like that after watching my Aunt at the end of her battle.  I feel guilty about that, but I am just not up for that sort of upset.  'J' has loads of friends and family supporting her as she enters the end phase of her life.  Life sucks sometimes.

Onto something more happy... I am going to get in the sewing room and do a little job for the FBG's.
21 of the FBG's are doing the Relay for Life this coming weekend.  It is a fundraiser for the Cancer Society.
Our team has raised a very impressive amount of money!

IN FACT.... our Fat Bottomed Girls raised the most money (as a team):

ABOVE: Super effort girls!

I have been asked to make our batten purple!
So, I shall be working on that today. I am going to cover the batten with purple fabric and a little bit of bling if possible.

 ABOVE:  damn!  Quite sure I killed it by moving it, even though I soaked the ground first and have been watering it.  Oh well... better put something else there.
Fingers crossed I didn't kill the bigger one!  edit:  SHRUB... You have one month to perk up, or you are outta here! ha ha ha (thank the readers shrub!)

ABOVE:  bjn:  I have got a 'wasp trap' made and set up by the shrub that seems to have lots of wasps in/on it.  No luck yet though.

Right, off to start the day!


9 am:  I went out and picked up some amethyst beads from a girlfriend, they might be used on our FBG batten.  Time will tell.

Then I went to the supermarket and got this lot:

ABOVE:  We have a big 30TH Birthday coming up and I want to try making some slices.  I will do them a bit later, after I've hung out the washing.

Got home, postie had been, and Yaaa!  I ordered some fabric from a shop up in Whangarei:

ABOVE:  I love it!  More Coasters I think, either that or placemats?  A table runner?  Hmmmm.  We will see what happens.

About once a fortnight or so I get an email from Canon New Zealand, advertising some class or new camera.  I usually ignore them.
Not any more.
Today I sent a reply,  I said:

"I'd LOVE to try all of that, except:

YOU HAVE HAD MY CAMERA AND LENS for the past FOUR months!  Still waiting for them to be repaired.


I wonder if I will get a response?

I just made two slices.
A Passionfruit one, using a recipe I found on Pinterest,  and a White Chocolate and Mixed Fruit one I made up. 

I had a slice with the chocolate and fruit yesterday and thought it would be super easy to do.  Let's see how mine turns out!

Now I'm all hot 'n' sweaty, so taking a break for a bit.

Sorry to hear/read that so many people down central and lower North Island are badly affected by flooding.  Stay safe ROBYN and George!

Our FBG leader is going to see 'J' tonight.  I've  decided to go with her.  I don't know why, after I was so sure I didn't want to?  But ... the opportunity came up and I just said "OK".  She is moving to Hospice tomorrow, so probably better to see her now if I'm going to.

8.45 pm:  The visit went well, more about that tomorrow.
I arrived home, we had dinner and now we are just watching some movie.  Well Stew is, I'm mucking around on the computer, then I might do some sewing.

Totally forgot to mention... today Coco is 8.
My Dad's birthday was today too... if he was alive he would have been 84.  He died when he was 66... far too soon.


  1. Just trim the Bush down before you give up Chris. It could still grow. That must be devastating for your friends family. Just post a card to say you're thinking of her. You are an awesome friend with a heart too big. We all love you.

  2. Hubby got the same computer as you a few years ago. He turned the touch screen feature off after a week, his arm was getting tired!!lol. The bush you moved may come back, it's probably in a bit of shock at the moment. Good luck to the FBG's this weekend, that's an impressive amount of money your group raised!

  3. Give the tree a bit of time. Shrubs often die back once they've been shifted. Wait a few weeks first, eh?

  4. Anonymous1:27 PM

    We've just been evacuated from work heavy rain and slips oh well George's Mum.

  5. Anonymous2:50 PM

    I think you are supposed to prune shrubs by 1/3 when transplanting. It early days to recover from the move as others have said

  6. Happy you are going to see J. You will look back and know she appreciated it .
    Garden as always is awesome and shrub should come back I am sure

    The pic of your home after the rain is a classic Love it and the reflections Your photography is ace

    You live in a lovely part, of a beautiful Country...When we go away we look back and appreciate it x100000s

    .(Homesick Much) lol

  7. I cannot imagine having a touchscreen computer that jumped like that. Would drive me nuts!! Leave the shrub to see if it recovers-I've sone it many times and they have come seay again. I'm sure 'J' will appreciate your visit. Hope the visit goes ok and hard as it might be I hope you come away feeling pleased you were able to find the inner strength to go.

  8. I bet it was hard seeing your friend. I had a nice chat to Bex today - I'm on Nana duty and saw her at school :)

  9. glad u got to visit with your friend. happy birthday Coco goodness can remember how excited u were to be getting her. Nite Chris

  10. Must be hard to see your friend like that but pleased you went, gives peace of mind.
    LOVING the dog print. Yes transplantation shock for sure....

  11. So glad you got to see J.

    I remember when you got Coco. And Teddy. I feel so old!

  12. Anonymous2:38 AM

    I love that shop in Whangarei. Helen, now back, in France

  13. My Grandma's birthday was on the 4th, she died when she was 67. My mom is 66 now, I imagine that's a little nerve wracking that she's the same age my grandma was when she found out she had terminal cancer.


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