Monday, March 26, 2018


The seasons are changing.  Thank goodness!
The leaves are starting to turn brown/red/gold.

ABOVE: Our grapevines... we planted two, and expect fruit in another couple of years.  How amazing do the leaves look!

ABOVE:  The crazy thing is.. while the fully grown leaves are dying off as it's coming into Autumn (Fall), there's still new shoots creeping along the fence.  The weather has been nuts, so hot and wet for so long.  
It's been great for the grass, this year we didn't get any die off at all.

ABOVE:  I am so happy that I planted flowers, they are just so pretty.  I'm going to be putting more in, come spring.

Our big Atlantis Pot was getting crowded out by plants in the corner garden by our bedroom, so I asked Stew to move it for me yesterday.

ABOVE:  I felt really mean, as that pot weighs a tonne!  It took all their strength to move it.

ABOVE:  The glaze on the pot is quite jagged, and poor Stew got a bit 'damaged' moving it!  His arms got scratched... and his face.  

ABOVE:  As it's HUGE, I am a bit scared it might fall over if knocked, so I AM starting to reconsider where it is!  If it were to fall on a small child it would be fatal... for the child.
So... I will do a wander around the property and see if I can find a safer place for it.
Sorry Stew!

GUESS WHAT?  There ISN'T a BIRTHDAY in this family today!

lol... about time we had a break.  The next one is our son Steve, in April.

Today I'm going out for morning tea with Robyn P and Johanna.  IF Johanna is still in one piece that is!  Her baby is due ANY DAY NOW.  
So... if she's still pregnant, we will meet up.

After that, I will come home and do something constructive.  Housework.  Sewing.  Felting.  Just the usual sorta day really.

So... catch ya later.


1.36 pm:  Well, Johanna turned up in one piece still.  She's now a week overdue, so there should be a baby in the next week for sure.

She doesn't took too uncomfortable, but she assures me she is, depending on what day you ask her.

I decided to have 'breakfast' at the cafe, so ordered a bacon and egg croissant.   Disappointed.  It was actually tasteless.  It needed a good dollop of relish or similar.

I feel ripped off when something I've paid good money for is below par.

Home again, and I made a couple of sets of small felt balls... watched some TV and now... I'm having some crackers for lunch.  Cheese crackers, so at least they are tasty.  

I will probably make a couple more sets of small balls soon.  It's a stunning day out there, but without the stinking hot temperatures. 

Well... I got more balls made.  And that's about it for the day!

Dinner was chicken steaks, lettuce salad and roast potatoes.  Was yum.

I went to the supermarket to get some things I ran out of... nearly ran into a van on the roundabout!  Simply didn't see it!  so glad my car has good brakes.  Then ... cos I was rattled, I ran over the curbing at the supermarket.  Grrrr.

As we were standing at the checkout, some guy ran in, grabbed a ladies handbag and ran off with it.  He got away, but not before the staff got his number plate number! 

So, that was three things in 15 minutes. Not bad for a quick outing to the supermarket!

And that is it for today.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Thanks so much for adding those lovely flowers they are stunning Chris

    Atlantis pot is huge but know what you are saying about it falling . Do you put flax or anything in it to grow or is just ornamental? Lovely garden feature and 2 strong guys to move it .. Love Griffin's colour choice on his Top!!

    Shame the brekky wasnt real good but wouldve been lovely to catchup.

    baby time is great times for the new family and friends ..

    PS love the grapevine leaves colours, at this time of year ,, no wonder the grapes and then the wine they end up making,, is so nice!!

    Enjoy the nice weather ..

  2. Nothing worse then eating out and getting food you didn’t enjoy. We don’t go out for dinner very often so when we do its normally for something special like a birthday, tried a place in tauranga that looked quirky and will NEVER go back. I swear the person hasn’t moved out of the 70’s or 80’s. Everything was so bad and like sloop on the plate. I had the chicken which came swimming in a huge amount of sickly apricot flavoured sauce and some boiled frozen vegetables, Jason had a steak that had SO much black pepper on it he couldn’t eat it ( and it was swimming in cheese sauce that tasted like it had come from a packet). Gag the whole meal was awlful, we both ate 2-3 bites and left to buy a burger from Burger King. ( and had to pay $72 for our two mains and drinks. As you can probably tell I’m still livid we spent that amount of money on food that was vile. Lol

  3. Could the pot be concreted in? It does look dangerous. I too am enjoying the weather getting a little cooler - especially at bed time!!

  4. I hate when food I order isn't good :(

  5. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Tis me Blondie I cant log in lovely garden phitos. Could you fill the Atlantis with large Riverstones so ut really doesnt move.


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