Friday, March 30, 2018


I posted a video of Brylee opening mail this morning.
I have had to delete the post as I unintentionally showed our address!

I will re-do the video... and update in the next hour or two.  

Sorry about that!

ABOVE:  She did it! Finally, Brylee has her license to LEARN TO DRIVE.  About time I say.

It's Easter, and Stew is at work.  He's drowning in work... so is putting a few hours in this morning, and maybe on Monday too.

I will be doing housework as per usual, then maybe some sewing.  I still have to make those cushions!  So slack.


Bugger.... I don't think the Canesten cream is working on the dreaded 'T'.
There is no improvement at all.  And of course, now it's Easter and if I were to go to the Dr it would cost me at least double the usual cost.  Grrrr.
So, I will give it the third day and see how it is tomorrow.  I don't want to waste money on more over the counter treatments in case it's NOT the dreaded 'T'?
Though, who can mistake THOSE symptoms!

I lay in bed today till 10!  Listening to YouTube videos, music, reading emails and just chillaxing!   I felt really guilty knowing poor Stew was at work on Easter Friday!

But, I will pull me finger out now and blast through some housework. 

 ABOVE:  We got visitors mid afternoon, which was just lovely.  A welcome distraction!
Even better, when they left they took one of our's with them!
Brylee is going to enjoy spending a couple of days with them in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. (Tauranga)

Thanks for offering to have her Martyn and Jacqui!

Once they left, I took the advice of many of you and went into Hamilton and bought this:

ABOVE:  One very expensive pill!  Fingers crossed it works, cos seriously, I am now beyond over the dreaded 'T'!

Watching an old movie on TV tonight, Calendar Girls.  Thoroughly enjoying it too.
Fingers crossed by tomorrow night I will be feeling 100% better.


  1. Karen Jones has left a new comment on your post "HAPPY EASTER... AND....":

    Awesome mail huh. Congratulations Brylee

  2. Marlene has left a new comment on your post "HAPPY EASTER... AND....":

    Congratultions Brylee. I like the 'two years of learning' rather than 'I couldn't be bothered'!!!

  3. Paula has left a new comment on your post "HAPPY EASTER... AND....":

    Congratulations Brylee! Poor Stew having to work over the weekend - I can so relate to that, although most of the time I can bring my laptop and work home with me to save going into the office, which I'm grateful for. (Also, just a suggestion Chris .... you might want to consider fuzzing out your address on your video clip just so no trolls have access to that). Have a great day ... and Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks for the heads up Paula! I didn't know how to fuzz out the address, so have deleted the post and done a new video, which is uploading right now.

    2. All good! Probably 99% of your viewers would be fine with knowing, but I didn't want you having hassles from unwanted viewers :)

  4. Happy Easter to you all and I sure hope you feel better soon!!!! Christy xxx

  5. Thats fab news for Brylee Thanks for sharing Chris.
    She is such a mature young one,, you guys should all be proud !!

    hope your health improves soon Chris and Stew catches up at work and can be home for the rest of the weekend

    Lovely to hear of the new baby arrival the other day, always heaps of happiness to come..

    1. Yes, JEN is so happy to have another wee grandbaby. I adore babies too.

  6. Anonymous1:11 PM

    For the dreaded T go to the chemist and see if you can get the one pill treatment. It was amazing for me a few years ago. ( or ring first)
    Glad someone caught your address

    Congratulations Brylee

  7. Hi Aunty, try Diflucan one (check with the pharmacist first in case of interaction with any diabetes meds). Continue to use the canesten pessaries but at night just before bed. Good Luck! Happy Yeaster, I mean Easter! 😂

    1. Anonymous5:13 PM

      Ha lol that made me laugh..very clever


  8. Congratulations Brylee, well done! xxx

  9. Congratulations Brylee, that’s a super achievement. When I was your age I lived out in the country and getting my licence was my ticket to freedom. Lol.

  10. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Well done Brylee have means will travel! Before you know it Chris the house will be empty of children enjoy..... hope the itch gets better very soon his me blondie

  11. Congratulations Brylee, drive safely. Hope you feel better. Working today too :(

  12. Congrats to Brylee!

    Hope the pill works for you!


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