Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Well I mentioned yesterday that I went on a little 'mission'.

I went to my FBG friend Debra's barber shop!

She said they didn't do women's haircuts, but I told her what I wanted and got it done there!

I DID get the undercut done:

ABOVE:  And guess what?

NOT ONE PERSON NOTICED!  Not at home, and not at Quiz Night!
So, clearly it's not 'in your face' or anything!

I am going to call it a work in progress as I'm not 100% happy with the shape around the edges.  And it needs to settle down and grow a little bit to be more noticeable?  

The best thing about it is there's no fly away bits all around my nape now.  I hated them.

So, I'm sure the family will get home from school/work and 'notice' now!  lol

Today I have my FBG friend Gwen coming for morning tea.  I know that will be lovely.  She's a really nice chick.

That's all for now, catch ya later.


11.35 am:  And Gwen has been and gone again.  A lovely morning tea and chat.  Always nice to have a visitor.

I got asked a question that had me really feeling uncomfortable?  Questioning myself?

"What do you do every day?"

It was an innocent question, but I really had to stop and think, 'What do I do?"

I answered ... I just do housework, potter around the house, titivate, tidy, cook and sew!

I felt like .. should I be doing more?  I'm just a housewife.  I do housewife type stuff.  

Now I'm feeling like a lazy cow.  Guilty of doing 'nothing much'?

I'm sure that was not how the question was supposed to make me feel, but it did.

ABOVE: So, I scrubbed down the dining table, and lathered it in polish, hoping it will soak it up and look good again.  It's been looking dull and ugly lately, and I've been tempted to paint it white!

DOGSTARS:  lol.... the table is only shiny because it's got a whole bottle of polish on it... soaking in I hope!

I decided to make some cushions for the dining chairs, they are bloody uncomfortable after a while.  As I am hosting card night next Tuesday night, I better get on with them!

So I got one of the cushions almost completed, then realised that I had stitched the backing on inside out!  So I had to unpick it all... worst thing?
I'd sewn it with a triple stitch! That made it a right bitch to unpick.  Took me almost an hour!

But it's sorted now and finished.  But I'm not going to show you till tomorrow!  I need something for tomorrow's post after all!  lol

I'm now going to think about what to cook for dinner.  Probably chicken pieces, wedges and veges.  (or no veges, this family ain't that keen on veges right now!)

10.25 pm:  Dinner was lovely.  I have been sewing most of the evening... getting more done on my chair cushions.
Stew said he thinks our old cushions might be up in the roof... I made some green ones years ago!  Thought they were long gone, maybe not?

We (sorry, STEW) can look up in the roof on the weekend!

Time to sign off for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous9:17 AM


  2. The undercut looks good. It is, like you said, subtle. But it is much tidier now.

  3. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Never under estimate what you do Chris! You do so much for your family and around your home, and do not need to justify to anyone of us what you do! You keep doing you!
    Lisa aka pinky :)

  4. You're so cute. You are always busy. If any of us had to answer that question it would probably sound less than profound. But - I do not recommend painting that table white. It's too shiny. The white paint would scuff the first time you set a Diet Coke on the table.

  5. What do you do all day? Run a house, look after two teenagers (and three dogs), cook, produce lots of sewing ... You do plenty, Chris. And you keep us entertained with your blog too!

  6. I like the undercut, it is just enough to get rid of the flyaway bits but not OTT.

    As for what you do each day, blimmin heck - what don't you do? You are an excellent homemaker/housewife whatever you want to call it. You home is always clean & tidy, the family are looked after, you help friends and family when needed, you produce fabulous craftwork to sell at market to supplement the family income. Don't ever feel guilty, be proud of how well you do your job!!

  7. Who cares what you do all day? It's your life! :)

    1. Well now Cranks, that would be the person who asked me what I do all day eh? *smiles*

    2. My point is YOU shouldn't care!

    3. But I do care! I hate to feel like anyone thinks I'm just a lazy cow who sits at home doing me nails/hair and what not! NOT that the person who asked me that question was thinking that! I know she wasn't. But it did make me think about what I do every day! Should I be doing more with my life? More for the family? More towards our finances? More for the community? The Environment? On and on it goes, around and around in me head! Grrrrrr.

  8. I agree with Tracy, you are so motivated and energetic!! I ask myself what I do all day...... and I do a fraction of what you do!!!!!! Christy

    1. Honey you still have little kids to look after, that is PLENTY in my book!

  9. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Wtf! You are always so busy doing something! Wish I had half your energy to do all the stuff I should be doing!

  10. You would run rings round me!I sit on my ass all day at a desk!!!

  11. I get exhausted just reading about your days. Sadly, our society has degenerated back to the 70s where a woman who doesn't work outside the home is somehow lacking. I was a stay at home mum when my kids were little and my son said the other day that his wife could never be a stay at home mum as she couldn;t watch that much television. I was gobsmacked. I never watched daytime telly when the kids were little ... still don't. I looked after the house, did the washing, cooked meals, took the kids to after school activities, volunteered in their schools. And when they were really little I spent time with them at the park, doing stuff at home. I guess that doesn't count for anything anymore. So you stick by your guns, Chris, and keep doing what you do so brilliantly. And don't forget you've raised kids non stop for EVER! If anyone deserves the right to take it easy (like you ever would!) it's you.

  12. Woman's work is under valued. Keeping a home and the family, happy, clean and fed requires much effort. There's always some opinionated arse who thinks otherwise. Take care

  13. Ditto what sparklingmerlot said! Even if you did nothing at all (which probably ain’t gunna happen) it would be a well deserved break.

  14. I love the new do!
    I know you don't do nought I have seen your house garden sewing room you do plenty...

  15. I've thought about doing that to my hair too. One of my friends got it done and had a barber put designs in it. Pretty cool looking.

    I hate that what do you do all day. I breathe! I support other people. Yes, currently I work out of the house but when I didn't I still did plenty. I always hate at my job when they want us to have goals and such. Like what is wrong with being happy with where I'm at. Why do I have to want change?


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