Wednesday, March 28, 2018


This is bloody rare!

I have literally NOTHING on my calendar for days on end now.  

That feels really weird.

But ... I should be happy, cos it means no stress.

I can do what I want, when I want.

So, this morning I have my Scentsy girlfriend coming around so I can get a few more scentsy bars.

I use them every single day in the house.

Mostly, I have one on in the garage to mask the doggy smells.  I can't stand dog smell in the house.  Weird, seeing as I have three dogs!

I also have one by the front door and the vaporiser in the bathroom... they get turned on when we have visitors.  

After Roxy has been, I am going to do some hosework, then some craft.  Earrings or sewing.
Not sure which yet, depends on my mood.

And yeah, I have to go into town (Cambridge) at some point too.  A visit to the chemist is necessary.  For the 3rd time ever in my life ... I have the dreaded thrush 'down there'.  Friggin awful.
Last time was about 20 odd years ago!
So I suppose I shouldn't complain.  I know some women get it fairly often!

At least nowdays you can get something over the counter to fix it, instead of having to go to the Dr.

While there, I might just get my blood tests done... they are overdue again.  NOT my fault.  I couldn't get them done while I was having dental treatment... I only have ONE vein that is accessible in my arms, so had to 'save' it for the intravenous sedation.

Shame I won't be able to do the piddle sample though!  It would be 'contaminated' I reckon!

And on that score... TMI?... I am off to start me day.


11.31 am:  Roxy and her adorable wee baby boy have just been and gone... I've ordered half a dozen more scentsy bars.  

Now it's time to head off and get the freakin' blood tests done, then visit the chemist.  So need to get rid of this hot, burning bloody itch!

11.55 am:  fastest trip out in a while!  Got to the chemist, had a yak and the penny dropped.  I've been on anitbiotics on/off for over 6 weeks with the dental work!  BOOM.  That explains why I got the dreaded 'T' word.

Went to go into the Med Lab for me blood tests, saw EVERY SINGLE CHAIR was full, and left again.  I'm not going to sit and wait for goodness knows how long!

I will go back at the end of the day, when it is bound to be quieter.

So now it's lunchtime and I might just get something to eat.  Russell (son) might be popping in shortly too, which is always nice.  I love that he just pops in.  *smiles*

And just like that... it's now dinnertime and I've just put a bacon and egg pie in the oven.
Should be nice.  Not made one of those in forever.

Not done much today... totally distracted by the 'T'... bloody sore.  Making me crabby.  Doesn't take much nowdays.  Forgot to go back to the lab for blood tests, will have to do it tomorrow now.

slightly frustrated to find there's a pill you can get to fix the dreaded 'T'!  Wish I'd shopped around now.  But, off to bed in a minute and will start the treatment.  Three days ... I can live with that.


  1. It might be worth mentioning the thrush to your doctor though (next visit) as it's a symptom of high blood sugar levels - I'm sure that as you are getting your blood tests done though that they'll contact you if needed :) Nice to have a few days of "nothing planned"... I love those days and always end up busy doing one thing or another.

  2. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Hi yes thrush is very common in people with diabetes, so it is good that you don't get it often...also menopause is a time people get it as well.


  3. Natural yoghurt with acidopholous (sp) is supposed to be good for thrush - I never knew if you are supposed to eat to or apply it though haha

  4. Hi Chris, I had a blood test first thing this morning. Luckily the pathology is hardly ever busy.... I was the first (and only) one there, which was a relief as I was fasting and desperate for some coffee / breakfast!!!! Christy xxx

  5. I was thinking antibiotics but forgot you'd had some. It's always good when you know the reason :)

  6. I love that they have a pill for that now. So much better.

  7. I didn't get a pill! Still cream and applicator... ikk.

    1. You can get an oral pill for it nowdays... 1 tablet and its gone!!

  8. Anonymous6:43 PM

    When I know I have to take antibiotics I take lactobillius acidophilus capsules prior during after.


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