Saturday, March 24, 2018


Today I am going to make tiny balls.
Of various sizes and colours, and see if I can make them into earrings.

I've also got sewing to do... 
and housework...
and grocery shopping.

So, it's going to be a normal day around here I expect.

This is what I did at 1 am last night (I couldn't wait!) :

ABOVE:  These 4 balls could be my first pair of earrings!  I just have to work out how to MAKE them into earrings now!
I'm sure there will be a YouTube Tutorial to show me how.

These ones have to dry completely first though, they are water loaded still.
I have them on the windowsill... that seems to be the best way to get them dry.

So... later on I will make some more, and watch some tutorials... but for now... let's get the latest load of washing on then go get the groceries... cos I just LOVE grocery shopping eh?  *sigh*


4.45 pm:  Well today has gone to plan!
We went into Hamilton and got a few things done.  Grocery shopping was a pain in the arse... OMG I hate it so much.  I get like 'road rage' when I'm in there.  There's just so many people dawdling along when all I want to do is race around and GET IT DONE!

 ABOVE:  he's running out of lap room!

 ABOVE:  Shock horror!  The kid came out of his bedroom!  He came with Stew and I into Hamilton.  He got a haircut then helped with the groceries.

ABOVE:  I got the earring things, and I hauled out of my craft room wardrobe all the beads 'n' bits and bobs.  Some of them might come in handy?

It's almost time to think about dinner.  I am so not interested in food right now. We had a VERY late lunch ... around 3 pm, once we got home from Hamilton.

I think dinner will be : 'get it yourself'.

End of Day:  can hardly stay awake, and Coronation Street hasn't even been on yet!
It's been a quiet evening, done bugger all.
I hope I feel more energetic tomorrow.


  1. That's a great idea Chris. I'm sure there's a long bead fitting you could put through the ball and then wire onto hooks.


    I just watched this short video on youtube. It does not tell HOW to make the felt earrings, but it shows some of the coolest, unique, labor intensive, felt earrings anyone could dream up. I am sure you would like it! Lots of ideas!

  3. I always do my main grocery shop on Monday morning - hardly anyone there and all the stock is fresh :)

  4. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Hi maybe you need to do online orders for your shopping ?


  5. Yeah I have thought about it, but I don't like the idea of someone else choosing my food! What if they bought shit fruit, or the wrong meat, bread etc? I just have to shop at a better time, when there's less people in the supermarket.

  6. Ha I was going to suggest shopping online. I would be the same though. Maybe get them to do the basic shit and you just go and do meat and fresh veg. That would cut your time down alot!
    I hate it too!!!

  7. My friend has online shopoed at coubtdiwn for 3 years no problems and now they buy my good bag as kids have left home.....

  8. Scott has major anxiety at the grocery store for some reason. I usually just pop in my headphones and listen to a podcast lol.


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