Monday, March 05, 2018


Today is Patchwork this morning.  I'm not sure what I shall be working on yet, maybe my hexies.  They are small and easy to take down to the hall and work on.

I would love to walk down to the hall where our meeting is, but seriously, it's just too bloody hot!  I really need the exercise, but it just ain't gunna happen.

The Fat Bottomed Girls Urban Challenge should be starting up again in a week or two.  I have lost all my fitness over the past few months and man! ... can I feel it.  I hate that I just couldn't get out there over summer and keep my walking up.

I am not alone though, there were very few of us who keep walking over summer.  It was just too hot!

I think it's still too hot be starting up again, so I hope there's some evening walks planned.

ABOVE:  a quick video of the Blue Springs, such a beautiful place!  

ABOVE:  The countryside has these huge outcrops of rock everywhere.  I find them very pretty.  Am I weird that I just like to look at them?  

ABOVE:  Bottom left, a pair of Paradise Ducks, and on the right, a shag.  There were quite a few ducks around the area.  Nice to see.  

Right, it's back to me day... I need to get the house straightened up before going to Patchwork.  Catch ya later.


11 am:  And my plan of going to Patchwork flew out the window at 7.30 this morning.
I woke up feeling like utter shit.  I don't think I got even an hours sleep last night.  I kept getting one hot flush after another!

And now I TOTALLY know why.  I ate lollies.  Locorice to be precise.  And obviously sugar makes me get hot flushes!

OMG I felt so bad this morning I lay in bed and just ... stayed there!  Till 10.  Then I got up and started my day.  I felt a bit better by then thank god.

I've turned the watering system on out in the gardens cos I want to move a few plants.  Crazy to do it now, but hey!  I want something done, I want it done NOW.  I can't help how I am... I just have to go with the flow. My brain just won't let up once it's got an idea.  *sigh*

Oh I also moved a couple of things in the family room too... been bugging me so... DONE now.

 ABOVE: This is the garden I wanted to remove a few plants from.  It's getting too overgrown.
I can hardly see our lovely big pot in the back there!

ABOVE:  So, first plant dug up and moved to it's new garden.  Not a problem.

Then I move the HUGE rock slab forward and sit our weta back on it:

ABOVE:  Looking great, feeling very happy with my efforts so far.

Next step was to pull out some of the flax plants and put them in the new garden too...

 ABOVE:  So I grab some flax... and FUCK!  I disturb a paper wasp nest... and the little fuckers take for me in a BIG WAY!

You ain't never seen me run like that before, screaming as I go, and jumping around like a banshee, slapping myself!

I got stung FOUR TIMES  on my legs and once on my forearm.  

OMG... and Vinegar DOES NOT take out the sting, in fact it makes it worse.

It's been about half an hour since I got stung and the worst is over now I think.  Just a mild stinging left.

 ABOVE:  These are still sitting by the door, I'm too scared to go out there again.  

 ABOVE:  only consolation is I got something done!

Time for lunch and a think about my next move!

I spent the afternoon feeling sick as a dog!
Not fun.
So I lay down and just chilled out... ha ha!  Chilled out?  It's got so stinking hot I didn't know if I could even cook dinner!

In the end I turned on the air con and managed to make Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner.

The kids and I even got a bit more gardening done... will show you tomorrow.

And now it's late and again I'm doing nothing!  Seriously, I need to pull finger and do more.


  1. We had paper wasps in the wood pile, I thought that they were bees so had visions of fresh honey(Which hubby was going get for me of course because my last 2 stings have been in my head)It turns out that they were paper wasps. First night he sprayed with fly spray, that only made them angry and resulted in 2 areas stung. Second night he used a red light and wasp powder from the supermarket, instantaneous death.

  2. I am sorry you woke up feeling like crap & sorry that you found the wasps nest - but Oh Lordy the picture in my head of you running around the yard screaming & being chased by a swarm of pissed of wasps made my day :-).

    I hope the rest of the day goes better and the wasp stings don't hurt too much.

  3. Oh my God, that would freak me out too!!! I hate wasps. We get paper wasp nests all over the show and if I see them I get rid of them when they are still small but obviously this one was well hidden. Another reason I don't love gardening!

  4. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Oh my - wasps are not friendly!! Sorry to hear about your encounter. I hope the stings are continuing to fade. The garden does look great though.

  5. Anonymous6:55 PM

    Hi poor you...the best thing to do is wash the area and apply ice....


  6. You make me laugh about your aircon, like it's the last resort :) I have mine on nearly all the time. The only time it's off is in the middle of the night (I set the timer to go off 2 hours after I go to bed), and when I go shopping!! Otherwise I'd just be dripping in sweat all day. Power bill is still cheap, doesn't seem to cost too much at all thank goodness.

  7. Ouch! Sorry to hear the wasps got a good snacking on you. Take care and happy gardening.

  8. Wasps are the worst! We get them really bad here too.

  9. Anonymous3:11 AM

    So sorry about the wasp sting. They truly hurt. Beth in Tennessee


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