Friday, March 09, 2018


This morning I'm going to meet up with Robyn and Johanna for morning tea.  Both are FBG's.
Johanna is about to have her 2nd baby, in fact any day now!
Robyn and I are kinda watching out for her as she has no family in New Zealand, apart from her Husband and little boy.

We are both looking forward to welcoming her baby into the world!  I think Robyn's like me and loves babies.  *smiles*

Flip... to the other side of the coin.  My visit last night to see 'J' actually went quite well.  While she's dreadfully ill, I was happy she was able to hold a conversation and was lucid.
I had been told she was only days away from 'the end'... but I'm not so sure?  

She is being moved to Hospice this morning, which seems scary, but is actually good.  The facilities there are much more comfortable and family 'friendly' compared to the hospital.  We think she will be able to have her own dog visit her there, which is something that perked her up last night.  

Flip... flop.  How about something funny?

ABOVE:  I saw this on Facebook a week ago.. it totally tickled my fancy... I laughed for ages!
We all did in fact.  Sometimes it really doesn't take much to give you a real laugh eh?

And shit, sometimes you just NEED to laugh.

After morning tea I am coming home to sew some more coasters.  I've cut out a few dog squares, so I'm all ready to go.  All going well I will have a few new ones ready for market on Sunday.

OH... the FBG's Relay For Life Batten:

ABOVE:  Looks like this.    Took me all of 25 minutes!  

And that is all I have for now...


OMGosh!  It was actually COLD this morning!  We usually sit outside the coffee shop as it's so hot inside, but today?  Nope, we went inside.
I had goosebumps!

Morning tea was lovely.  I didn't feel like anything sweet so I got some hot chips.  Then I tried eating them, and ended up, after only eating a few, getting tingly lips... cos there was some sort of spicy sprinkle on them.  So, they are now in a doggy bag for the kids.

It was good to catch up with Robyn and Johanna though. 

Since getting home I've been sewing.

 ABOVE:  I cut out the batting for about 30 dog coasters, and then I spent like,  20 minutes trying to decide what stitch to use on them!
Settled on little hearts and I think they look gorgeous.

Once I've done all of them I shall add the backing fabric and flip them in the right way and do the top stitiching.
So plenty to do yet!

It's 1.20 pm now and I am ready for a little break.  The sun has come out and it's getting bloody hot.

9.40 pm:  And I've been a busy bee!  Made the family dinner... roast chicken drumsticks on rice.  Then I carried on sewing those dog coasters.
I have done heaps!

But now... time to sit back and watch Coronation Street!
Winding down for the day.


  1. Hospice can be wonderful if taken advantage of early enough. Much better quality of life than a hospital, or even at home.

    Love, love the Relay baton! I remember when pom poms used to be on everything from socks to lamp shades.

    Happy Birthday to Coco!

  2. I am glad you visited J, I think you would have regretted it if you hadn't. Love the baton - very snazzy :-)

  3. Have you caught any wasps yet? I remember making something similar when I was little with my brothers. We hung them next to the grape wine and got a stack. I cant remember who got the most (clearly was not me).

  4. I know J would have appreciated your visit, and maybe you will get the opportunity to see her again when she is in the hospice. I know when my father in law was moved to a hospice he was there a few weeks before he passed away. We were able to visit with the kids which was great as we could not do that in the ICU.

    The baton looks awesome :-)

  5. Love the wee hearts as the deco on the latest projects .. gr8 looking and I am sure you will have a succesful day at the market.

    Lovely you got to see J Good for you she wouldve bben happy to see you..
    and hospice they are so well cared for and more homelike And like you say can even take fave pets there thats awesome..

    altho The ICU do a wonderful job its a wee bit more clinical and harder to visit

  6. Hospice done right is awesome. No more dancing around the reality. The focus is on comfort and doing whatever that patient or family needs right then. Hopefully whatever time J has left will be good and quality time and her family is getting some help and support. You're a true friend and I know J must appreciate your kindness.

  7. Hospice is awesome and geared totally to patients needs , a hospice nurse came to my uncle's home and the cared for him the last 3 days was fantastic.

  8. Glad to hear your visit with you sick friend went well. Hospice will provide the comfort and care she and her family need throughout the difficult days ahead. Hope things cool off for you, have a lovely weekend.

  9. So cute! I'm glad you had a nice visit


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