Saturday, March 03, 2018


TODAY'S POST IS .... a bit of everything!  

ABOVE:  WOW eh?  Amazing what a haircut can do.

ABOVE:  That's a shit load of hair on the floor!

ABOVE:  MIKE!  It was so, so lovely to see him again, and spend a good amount of time with him and Joyce.

ABOVE:  The cute couple... Joyce is just as happy as me with his haircut!

 ABOVE:  Pohaturoa Rock at Atiamuri.  I had a view of this rock from our home in Upper Atiamuri for many years.  It's changed over the years, trees have come and gone... with new ones planted over and over again.

 ABOVE:  A couple more lovely views of Lake Ohakuri.
I love this lake.  It holds some very special memories for me.

 ABOVE: When I got home, this panel was waiting for me... I ordered it online.  Whoop!

 ABOVE: I got this VERY SPECIAL artwork from a Gallery in Foxton.  It is a wood round, with a piece of copper on top, then painted.  It's gorgeous.  Utterly my sort of thing.
It's not very big, I have to find just the right spot for it now.

ABOVE:  Mike spied this at Acquisitions in Palmerston North, it was HALF PRICE because one of the yellow 'tufts' had been broken off and glued back on.  We got it cos you simply could not tell it was damaged at all!  SCORE as far as I'm concerned.

ABOVE: Various pieces of fabric I gathered along the way from about 4-5 patchwork shops.

I ordered a little dog pattern from one of the Palmerston North Shops too.  Did I show it to you already?  .... Just checked.... yep I did! lol

 ABOVE:  Another panel of animals, I cannot even remember which shop I got it from.  These are big enough to be made into placemats.

 ABOVE:  I got these from the Acquisitions 'Garage Sale' shop in Palmerston North... along with a few other things that have been put away for Christmas gifts.
These two cuties are going in the front garden,  where plants can't grow due to lack of water.

 ABOVE:  Another tin tray from Streets Ahead, one of my favourite shops in Palmy.
I already have a salmon coloured one, which is a bit bigger than this one.

 ABOVE:  A darling little glass bauble from Foxton.  It will probably end up on the lounge wall.  YES I know... it's most likely a Christmas tree decoration, but I don't care.  It can go on me wall.  Cos, it's my wall!

 ABOVE: These were cheap as, but very pretty.  They will get added onto the wall hanging above my bed I think.
If not there, then maybe on the lounge wall... we will see.

ABOVE: A $4 cardboard box!  Cos it was so darn pretty!  I might save it for the next person who get's married, and use it for the present?  Or I could cover over the 'Wedding' and use it in the sewing room?  Dunno yet.

ABOVE:  LASTLY!... this pretty Polish Pottery dish.  It is definitely going on the lounge wall with my other hearts.

I had always planned to buy another piece of Polish Pottery on this trip away, from a gift shop in Taihape.  But when I got to Taihape, the shop was gone!  I was like "BUGGER"!

But luckily, when I stopped at a gift shop in Palmy that I always visit, called 'Something Different', they had Polish Pottery for the first time ever!  So I did end up getting a piece.  Yaaa.

So there ya go, that's a 'wrap' of me trip and purchases.  Now it's time to put it all away, get me washing done and get ready for visitors tonight.

My cousin Dulcie and her husband Jay are coming to stay the night.  One of their son's is competing in the National Rowing champs out at Lake Karapiro, so they have come down to watch him compete I think.

I haven't seen them in ages, so it will be lovely to catch up with them.

So... I'm off to make a start on the day.


Been doing lots of little jobs all day. Washing. Cleaning floors. Unpacking. Hanging hearts and Anchor artwork.

Now it's 2 pm and I'm knackered! Gunna partake of a wee nap *smiles*

Sorry I've been missing all day!  We got visitors and had to yak and feed them!  They are staying the night, so I shall sign off now and catch you tomorrow.


  1. You got the fabric from Village Books and Crafts in College St. 😊
    Still can’t get over the difference in Mike and the look on your face was just priceless 😊

  2. Wow Mike, he looks so much younger. Amazing what a haircut does. He's so good looking too under that beard lol. I love your shopping. Glad you had a great time Chris.

  3. Mike looks amazing and what a beautiful picture of him and Joyce. You brought home some amazing things, I'd have a hard time picking a favourite. Looks like you had a great time visiting with your girlfriends and Mike and Joyce.

  4. What a handsome guy .... and he looks years younger!

  5. Looks like you had a great trip! Great shopping finds too.

  6. Great many fun pics and wonderful trip stories! Just have to say...Mike looks 10 years younger after the haircut and beard removal...Amazing....Such a handsome guy!!

  7. Anonymous4:40 PM

    You got some great swag! Gosh, your son looks like a completely different guy LOL most handsome. Glad you had a great time on your trip.


  8. Great photos of Mike and Joyce do pleased you had a lovely time away and a stash of goodies the shop by Taupo shop by traffic lights has polish pottery...

  9. he looks so tall!!!.... I can't imagine my boys will ever be so tall, but they will!!!!! Christy xxx

  10. So Sorry got Mikes age wrong!!! looks lovely now and him and Joyce look Choice together..
    Love all the pics and Atiamuri Still looks like way back when and real special

    LOVE ALL your shopping and places they will go..... and so appreciate the Shares ..
    Something special; in each pic

    No doubt Stew and Griffin and Brylee are happy to have you home again

    1. Where are you from? Sounds like you might be from Atiamuri area?

  11. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Sounds like u had an awesome trip can't get over how much younger Mike looks.

  12. What a wonderful trip!

  13. Mike looks Fabulous! I am glad you posted the post haircuts pictures, where he is out of the barbers chair and looking more natural. Now, I see a strong, very strong, resemblance to Steve.

  14. Mike looks like a different person and about 10 years younger (at least!)

    Lots of fun treasures :)


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