Wednesday, March 07, 2018


Stew didn't find the two wasp nests last night, which is a bit of a bugger.

Luckily, in a few more months it will be winter and they will be all dead anyway.  Except for the queens.  They live on to build bloody nests again next summer. 

I reckon we are getting more and more wasps.  I don't remember seeing any when I was a kid!

Today I am going out to post some photos to my Mum, then I will be meeting up with my FBG girlfriend Gwen for morning tea.

After that ... home to do some sewing.  I've gone off making a soft toy dog... I looked at the pattern and went... yeah NAH!  Too complicated for me right now... I've got a fried brain with the heat.  I am not even thinking straight half the time!

Seriously, the unrelenting heat is doing my bloody head in!  I seem to be constantly either getting a hot flush or just feeling too hot.  I don't even know which is which anymore!

Last night there were four of us having hot flushes... it was quite funny really.  I would have one, get over it, then S would get one... get over it, then D got one...and so on!

At least I am not on my own.

This is officially the hottest summer since the 1930's!  I'm going to do a happy dance when the first frosts arrive, that's for sure.

My diet has gone to hell and back over the past 2 months.
Not being able to walk and just feeling like utter crap with my sore teeth has meant I gained ... hold ya breath.... 6 kilos!

Yep.  I can gain weight JUST LIKE THAT.  Yet it will probably take me 6 months to lose it again!

And well... I'm just so friggin OVER being on a diet and failing over and over again.

When do you say 'enough' and just give up?  Who gives a damn anyway? *sigh*  
Just feeling like shit right now.


2.44 pm:   Morning tea was lovely, helped cheer me up a bit.  Gwen is just lovely.
Got me mail sent off and also got the float for my stall on Sunday.

TRACY: It would be cool to see you... though I can't tell you exactly where I will be as I'm on the 'casual' list this time, and have to take where I'm given.  It will be awesome once I get my own 'permanent space'.

I can text you if you do come down to let you know where I am... is your number ******07?

 ABOVE:  I'm going to make a start on these little blocks, they will be cute coasters.

ABOVE:  We have heavy drizzle!  Thank God, it's cooled the day down.  

I have NO ENERGY whatsoever.  NONE.  Wish I could snap out of it.  I know that if I put the effort in I would start to feel better.... I just can't FIND the effort right now.  *sigh*

So glad today is over, it's been a blah day really.
I hope tomorrow I feel more 'up' and myself.


  1. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Have you seen any of the following...What the health and also Forks over knives. Both doco's will help you like they have helped thousands and thousands of others with weight/health.

  2. You know what works Chris and you have done so well. This is a blip. Don’t give up. You’ve got this!

  3. I make wasp traps by cutting off the top of 2 liter plastic soda bottles. Make the cut around the bottle at the top of the straight sides as it narrows toward the top. Then take the top you cut off, turn it over and push it down into the bottom section. Put about 2 inches of fizzy lemon-lime soda in the bottle. The wasps will go through the small opening to get to the soda, but they can't come back out and eventually drop and drown in the soda. Place the bottles near the suspected nests. I usually empty and replenish the bottles every few days until the wasps are gone.

    1. I will make one... and see what happens!

    2. What a brilliant idea?

  4. I feel your pain. If it's any consolation I'm sure you can lose it all over again and some if you decide that's what you really want.
    3 mths ago I changed my diabetic meds and since then I too have gained 6kg........makes me feel so bad. Going to try and lose it by my birthday in June but I'm not going to beat myself up if it doesn't happen.
    Good luck if you decide to try again

  5. When I read "The Obesity Code" I actually cried in parts. I had wasted so much of my life thinking I was the problem, I wasn't strong enough to stick to a diet. I was just lazy, had no discipline, had no willpower. But that's not the case. It's low calorie diets that are the problem, there is no way you can win with them.
    Dr Fung is a kidney specialist and is now an expert in reversing T2D. LCHF way of eating, intermittent and extended fasting. Listen to the free podcasts (search for The Obesity Code) if you don't want to spend money on the book.
    I have lost 17kg since December 10th.

  6. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Hi I know how you feel about the weight...what about going to a dietitian, for a bit of advice and weigh ins...maybe you can get it cheaper because of the diabetes? I saw near us they have a clinic full of dietitians and nutritionists and they have a machine which only takes a few minutes to work out the body composition of fats, muscle, visceral fat, water etc...I would like to do that but I an not sure I will like the I am planing to make an appointment with the dietitian for accountability. Have you put on since you left WW ?


  7. I can gain weight just like that too, so I feel your pain !!! I think once summer is over and you're back out walking with the FBG you'll lose it again..

  8. the cooler weather will make it easier to exercise, that's for sure. I am looking forward to a cool change as well, Christy xxx

  9. I agree with Cranky - it's not you, it's low calorie, low fat diets. I dieted all of my life until I found LCHF and it's been nearly 7 years since I've had to "diet". Sure I have gained a kilo or two (or three) over that time but I've still kept off most of the weight I lost and am no longer on that diet cycle. If I find I'm gaining a little I just get a little stricter with my carbs. There are so many delicious foods you can make once you get your head around not using flour and sugar etc. My daughter and all of her family eat the same way so that makes it even easier. Stu is now nearly 20 kilos lighter than he used to be. Maybe time to reconsider what you eat rather than diet.

    I know people lose weight on standard diets but there are not many who don't regain most or all of it. Sorry to mention how I eat again but you did sound like you need to try a new way. Giving up when you are a diabetic is never an option.

    1. Linda.. I would be interested to see what meals you make without flour and sugar..
      My husband and I are doing ww and are going well.. He's an amputee so getting the weight off is vital to him..
      Could you email
      With new recipes that your family enjoy to eat..
      Thank you

    2. Low Carb, High Fat.

    3. Hi Saundersfamily5 - if you go to you will see loads of recipes for free. They do an a paid area if you want to see the movies etc and more detailed information but basically we eat normal food but no sugar, not much potato and substitutes for flour in baking (like almond meal, coconut flour etc). Have a look at my blog if you like, I have a recipe section for basics that I make. Click on my name for the link :)

  10. Sucks BUT what is done is done. Back to eating healthy yummy food. Go for walks in the evening when the weather is cooler (okay that bit is a bit hopeful - it is bloody stinking at all times), try to find some bush walks so you are sheltered a bit from the heat, hit the pool or the lake or the beach.

    All going well I might pop down to visit you at the market on Sunday :-)

    1. Yep that is my number :-).

      See you Sunday (unless the weather is poos).

  11. Walking and company that's your answer and soon you will be back at it again....... no problem.

  12. Glad you got some rain to cool you off!


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