Tuesday, March 06, 2018


Today I am joining a group of Fat Bottomed Girls at a local rest home.  We are taking a group of the residents on a little walk.

It's part of our incentive to be active in our community, doing some good for others.

This is the first 'companion' walk we will have done... the last couple of attempts had to be postponed due to the weather.

After that, I am coming home to either potter around in the garden some more, or do some sewing.  My next market is this coming Sunday.
I have enough stock already, but I'm tempted to try making a soft toy dog.

So... I took a few more photos of the garden late yesterday.  Griffin and Brylee gave me a hand moving a small tree...

 ABOVE:  This is the garden that I'm putting plants in.
Griffin dug the hole...

 ABOVE:  Working TOGETHER!.... they got the tree out.

 ABOVE:  Cute boy.

ABOVE:  Now I have to cross my fingers, water them well and hope they don't die!  I'm going to be putting parsley and chives along the front of this garden too.

Remember I got stung by wasps yesterday?

ABOVE:  This is the clump of flax that I was trying to dissect, and remove a bunch for the new garden.   I was standing to the right of it a bit, but reaching around towards the left/back side...

ABOVE:  And THAT is what I disturbed!  OMG I never even saw it!  And it is HUGE.  I am so very lucky I 'only' got stung 4 times.  

Stew killed off that nest and another one last night with fly spray and CRC.  I will be checking both nests today to make sure none are still alive, then I shall be looking around the section  to find more nests, so we can kill as many as possible.  

We will never find them all, there's bound to be dozens in the hedges and so on, but I will do my best to find as many as possible, particularly any that kids can get near to.  

Imagine if one of the little kids had stumbled into that nest!  Not worth thinking about.

Right, enough yakkity yak, I'm off to start the day... I've got some walking with lovely senior citizens to do.


ABOVE:  We have fog!  OMG that means it's heading into Autumn!  Cooler weather is coming people!  YES!

12.01 pm:  After a very foggy, cooler morning, it got hot again.  Thankfully our walk with the elderly went ahead.

ABOVE:  We quite enjoyed out little amble along the street with the residents.  Interesting talking to people with dementia I must say.  After the walk we were given a tour of the rest home too.
Then we FBG's went for coffee... in my case a Coke Zero.

I can't get over how many coffee shops and the like do not stock Diet Coke!  Outrageous if ya ask me.  *cranky face*

It was neat to catch up with a few of the FBG's that I'd not seen for a couple of months, hear what they have been up to.

Sad note:  My FBG friend 'J' is not doing well at all.  She is still in hospital and has pneumonia on top of a growing tumor.  So very sad.  Life sucks sometimes.  

I'm going to have some lunch now, then go wasp hunting!

LUNCH:  As I am going to Card Night tonight, I made myself a pie for lunch.  I had cooked Pulled Pork overnight in the crockpot, so it was ready to be used tonight.  

Now I just have to make a pie for Stew and the kids, which they will have with veges.

WASPS:  I've only managed to find 2 potential nest sites in the back yard.
I am pretty sure there are nests there as there's heaps of wasps all over the shrubs involved.  But I can't see the nests.  So that could prove problematic... you need to see the nest to kill it.  I hope Stew can sort it out, I'm too bloody scared to go near another nest!

Brylee and Griffin have been on a school trip up to Auckland today, they just got back.  I need to go out to buy some potatoes, so I better do that right now.

9.24 pm:  It's been a busy evening. I got dinner cooked for Stew and the kids, then went out for Card Night.

Which was rather fun... there were only 5 of us tonight, so we played Scum until 1 of our group left, then we played 500.  I've not played 500 in about 20 years!   I wasn't sure I could remember how to play, but ... it came back to me real quick.  I love 500.

Home now and I'm pondering if I want to have some corn on the cob or left over Pulled Pork Pie.  Decisions decisions. lol

Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Hi when trees are dug up to be removed you are supposed to leave a root ball with lots of dirt around the roots so that they are not disturbed as much to give a good chance or survival...your garden looks so green...sounds good that you girls are going to the nursing home to volunteer a really lovely thing to do..I spent 25 years working in aged care..


  2. Anonymous3:05 PM

    So sorry Chris that J is worse

  3. another very interesting and varied day.. So neat you girls got to take some out from the aged care, Every little outing helps them and the staff and you ones as well and amazing how they perk up afterwards

    Hope those pesky wasps can be found and got rid of.
    Dont risk any of you getting stung will you guys??Sometimes its the professionals,,, who need to be on call ..

    Love the garden progress and gr8 Brylee and Griffen are awesome helpers ..

    and loved the morning "Misty Look"

  4. Sorry sent my last post off Griffins name spelt wrong

    and sorry to hear of your lovely friend not doing so well just now

    Treasure your times together she will still enjoy seeing you when others are allowed to call in

  5. What a great community service the FBG's are doing. You will have brightened the rest home residents day. Sorry to hear about J and glad you got her quilt to her to provide love and comfort to her.Paper wasps are nasty-I have even had them starting nests on the house.

  6. Sorry to hear your walking friend is so poorly, nice to see the FBG group out n about.

  7. Busy day for you! A lot of my neighbors are elderly and it is interesting the things that they say lol.


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