Sunday, March 11, 2018



To market, to market I go.

It's 6.30 am... and I will be heading down town at 7 am ... which will give me an hour to set up and settle in.

Last time I think it took us about 25 minutes to set up?  

Just as well I'm so organised and don't get myself in a flap over doing markets.  I used to do quite a few back in my pottery days.

I'm hoping that in a few more months I will have my permanent site, and people know I'm there and what I'm selling... and come back to buy.

I've heard that the market before Mother's Day is very popular... this year it is ON Mother's Day, I wonder if that means it won't be as good?  I've got a few Christmas items on my stall today... probably a wee bit soon eh?  lol

 ABOVE:  A group of our Fat Bottomed Girls at the Relay for Life yesterday.  B is holding a photo of J ... they walked in her honor.

ABOVE:  Our FBG group raised over $8,000 for the Cancer Society!  What a top effort!  So proud of them.

Although I didn't manage to get down there to support them, I was thrilled the baton I decorated, and my FBG banner were there... my little touches/contribution. 

Right, I better get a move on, make sure I have everything I need ... wish me luck!


1.30 pm:

TIRED!  I really don't like getting up so early!  But... needs must.
It was quite COLD down there this morning... my site today was on the shady side of the road.  Thank goodness Stew said don't forget a jacket!

SALES:  Down from last month, but still OK after a little flurry at the end of the day.
Any money I make is good!  For now it's all going on my dental bill.

VISITORS:  A few FBG's, saw a couple of ladies from Patchwork, a bloke from Aqua Fit and a lady from Weight Watchers and Tracy and her daughter Siobhan from Auckland.  So nice seeing so many people I know here in Cambridge.

It's now time to just RELAX and do bugger all! Tracy and Siobhan are coming back here after lunch for a visit too... which will be lovely.

So a nice visit from Tracy and Siobhan... then they left for Auckland again.  Traffic was crazy by the sound of it, poor girls.

After their visit we spent the afternoon quietly, then Stew made dinner.  I was not even hungry, but still had some.
Then I felt ill!

Took the pups for a walk with Brylee.  Trying to get them used to other people, it's slowly working.

Started watching a new, 3 part series called "Trauma".  Not sure what I think of it yet.

Time to sign off for the day.  It's sticky and hot tonight.  Gawd bring on winter... not just a few days here and there of cooler temps and rain.


  1. Have a very successful day and enjoy every minute Chris.

  2. Good luck to you today, and HAVE FUN!

  3. I hope there are good crowds at the market and that you have a great day

  4. Have a great day .... chilly start down here.

  5. well done on another market..... please say a Hello to Tracy from me! Christy x

  6. Maybe the weather played a part this morning at the markets .. Like you say tho,, it all helps to go to dentist etc..
    You must enjoy doing the craft as well ,,,and its always so bright and cheerful ..

    Enjoy the vizzies ...

  7. Anonymous5:14 PM


    Has your tooth settled down now ?


    1. Mostly... every now and then it (must be the gum) aches. I can't wait till Monday 19th when the root canal is finally filled and it's done.

  8. It was lovely to see you for a catch up. Was a long slow trip home 😀

  9. Glad you did ok at your booth! It's always nice when friends come out to support :)


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