Wednesday, March 21, 2018


ABOVE:  Yep, another birthday, this time our dearest friend Jacqui.  She's celebrating  a certain number today, and according to her, she ain't changing that number ever again!  lol  (she's ONLY 46!)

JACQUI, have a lovely day!

Today is a totally free day.   I might do some sewing, it's been a few days since I did any.  Withdrawal symptoms are creeping in!

The other thing I want to do is watch some YouTube videos of camera tutorials.  I'm determined to get more out of my camera... use more of it's features and get better at taking photos.  There is so much I want to learn.

And on that score... I will go and start the day.


Well after a leisurely start to the day, I've deemed it a 'washing' day.  How the hell does it go from nothing to at least three machine loads full in just a few days???

I am puttering around the house doing odd jobs in between loads.  This house has so much needing done!  Everywhere I look I see a job.  *sigh*

And someone asked me what I do all day!  That has stuck with me for days now... clearly that person doesn't live in a big house with grotty teenagers and 3 dogs!  I swear the little girls (dogs) make as much mess as 3 toddlers.

ABOVE:  What slows me down most days!  The girl posse.   Marley's turn in the bark collar, she's been very naughty the past few days.  So on it goes.

Right, back to the housework.

JUST BECAUSE I CAN...  a little video.

It's now 5.50 pm and I am still doing the bloody washing!  I'm onto the last load, been hanging it out, then waiting a few hours and then getting it in ... folding and putting away.

There's some huge clouds forming, so the last two loads might just get rained on.

It's taken all day as I have been doing a long, hot soak with all the linens.  I do that on a monthly basis.  

Can't believe it's taken so long.  Dinner is on.  We are having Spaghetti Bologneise.

I'm ready to just chill out!  I've done heaps today in the house.  Got lots done, feeling really positive about that.

Those dogs are bloody time wasters too!  They insist on being played with, I don't know!  lol

Dinner was lovely, can't really go wrong with Spag Bol.
Had a lovely quiet evening, so nice to relax after seeming to be 'on the go' all day!
Almost time to head off to bed.


  1. I hate washing, I have gotten to the stage where everyone does their own (although Sio tends to do men as well and I help hang it if I am home and fold it). Actually, I hate housework and hence my place is always a bit of a mess.

    1. EVERYONE hates housework! I wanted the kids to do their own washing... you know, to teach them how to... but Stew didn't like that idea. Too many separate loads of washing being done when we could do 1-2 BIG wash loads. *sigh* ... so it's back to me doing it, and Stew does a lot on the weekend for me too.

    2. I learnt to do washing on towels etc, could they help with that? I get where both of you are coming from!

    3. I told everyone I was retired from doing their laundry so now it's just piles of dirty clothes everywhere..

  2. Housework is a PAIN, but it takes I a lot of time and energy. Not to mention the emotional load of looking after and anticipating everyone's needs. And of course the amazing things you create!

  3. Housework is a pain...but washing is one job I do keep up with it....

  4. That wee video was just so neat Chris ,Loved it had a coffee break and watched it through..
    at one stage one of the new pups checked on COCO (respect) lol to see if Coco was ok

    Good on you taking time out to do that wee video.

    You have a neat, Happy & clean family home ,and its so good you have got your camera back,,,,, to share all this with others.

    Much Appreciated

  5. The girls are so cute!

  6. The pups are adorable. You can tell how much they love you. So sweet.

  7. Awww thank you Chris. It’s been a great ‘46th’ birthday. I don’t feel any older!

  8. Do you know those dogs could at least dust the house with those waggy tails... lol the house looks bright and colourful just lovely.

  9. Do you do a load of washing every day? I have to. There's 4 of us but I find if I don't it just piles up! So a load a day, and sheets and towels on the weekend is the only way I can keep up!

    1. Yeah, pretty much every day. Sometimes I go a couple of days and then end up having to do more. I didn't do any over the weekend, having visitors here and all... so that's why I ended up with 6 loads today!


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