Saturday, March 10, 2018


Last night I got a message from Susan, a FBG friend who's market site I got to use last month.
The lady who's site is next to Susan's is going to be away on Sunday, so Susan suggested I try and get her site.  So I emailed the organisers, and lucky me!  I got the site.

This means I don't have to get down to the 'allocation area' at 6.30 am on Sunday morning,  and queue up and wait to be given a site.  I can just turn up and set up right away.

This takes a huge weight off my mind, I could have ended up anywhere really!  I like this area of town...   

ABOVE:  My site for Sunday's market, right outside Van Dyks... under cover which is perfect!

Today I shall be finishing off the latest coasters, I think I will get them done in time to take to market too!

ABOVE:  The pile on the left only needs it's topstitching done, while the ones on the right need to be turned in the right way, pressed then topstitched too.

So, I will get it all done for sure.

In the last month or so I've been getting lots of pain in the back of my right heel.  

ABOVE: Thanks to Dr Google, I think it's Achilles Tendonitis.  Only thing is, I couldn't think how I could have got it.

TILL YESTERDAY.  I was sewing and my right heel was starting to hurt more and more, and the penny dropped!

My right foot operates the sewing machine pedal, and I've been doing HEAPS of sewing over the past month or so (J's quilt to name just one thing)!

So, I'm now using my left foot.  Let's see if that helps?   


2.30 pm:  NO COMMENTS! Not feeling the love peeps.  Days like this I'm like, why do I blog?  No one loves me!  lol
Then it fades and I know I blog cos I like to ... pure and simple.

So, got up and immediately did some sewing.
Then bloody Stew dragged me off to do the grocery shopping.  Ikkk.

Home, put it all away then went down town and measured my space for tomorrow.  It's fine.  Almost the same as the one from last month.

Had some lunch... now... might have a nap before doing more sewing.  It's stinking hot and I just feel so tired.

ABOVE:  Whoop whoop!   I got all 30 finished!
I hope I sell some tomorrow!

Stew cooked a really lovely meat loaf tonight.  He added left over rice from last night's dinner.
It was really good.

Shame Brylee doesn't like meat loaf.  She had spaghetti, her 'go to' meal.

I'm now parking in front of the TV, waiting for Coronation Street to come on. Then Stew and I will load the car in readiness for tomorrow morning.


  1. Hiya from the Clearys. 😘

  2. Not sure if the original stalls person is planning to be there "next time" but once you have your foot in the door - you may be able to keep that spot. Looks like a good one. My guess, is that you are correct and the sewing caused the foot problem. So - giving that foot a rest seems like a good plan. I currently have a dog with an cruciate (a ligament?) injury of some sort. I am supposed to keep him still for 2 months. So, if you sew with your other foot for two months - you will be healed! I hope so, anyways! Not a doctor. I just make clay trinkets!

    1. Hell... good luck keeping a dog STILL for two months!

  3. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Hubby has plantar fascia again but this time it’s not improving so had an injection into his heel. If that doesn’t fix it then it’s surgury. We know it’s caused by work boots but thought that not having a job therefore not wearing those boots would help but it didn’t. Good luck tomorrow

    1. Ouch, hope the injection works for him.

  4. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Hi so annoying getting foot pain, I have had plantar fasciitis a few times, being a nurse with all the walking and it was terrible...I was wondering how your friends that were on the Jenny Craig program are going did you have three friends on it ?



    1. I've had plantar fasciitis too.. horrible! Achilles Tendonitis is as painful. Jacqui and Martyn are both doing well, maintaining their losses.

  5. Fab effort you are making for more stall holders etc. The spot looks pretty choice and I am sure you will do well.

    Hope the heel gets better soon and resting that side will help.
    When we are so used to being up and about all the time its hard to force rest BUT sometimes its the only way to go!!

    (love the story of someones reply about the wee dogs recovery time ) its like trying to keep lil ones still and resting .lol

    Your machine does some neat stitches ,and you use it to the full ,,,,Good on you Chris...

  6. Do you sew in bare feet or wear shoes? It's really painful having tendonitis! I'm wishing you well for the market tomorrow. Hope it's a lovely day weatherwise.

    1. Bare feet... do ya think I should wear shoes?

    2. I think shoes will support your ankles better. It won't hurt to try :)

  7. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Lots of luck for Sunday's market and I hope you sell loads.


  8. Love those dog mug rugs! I'm sure you'll sell heaps! Achilles tendinitis is no fun. Do you have any anti inflammatories you can take?

  9. Love those coasters. Would you sell/post to Oz?

    Good luck tomorrow. Once you get a name you will have people flocking back each month.

    1. Happy to sell/post to Oz. If you are interested in anything ... email me on :

  10. Good luck for tomorrow the coasters look fab maybe wear crocs light weight spongy and slip on.?

  11. The coasters are so cute! Good luck selling them. I'm jealous of your booth area, everything is out in the open at all the ones I've been to.


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