Thursday, March 22, 2018


ABOVE:  Double digits for this little miss!  My god, they grow up so fast.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENA, we hope you have a fabulous day.

Today... well for sure I ain't doing any washing!
OMG yesterday was crazy.  And it's not like we only do the washing once a week either.  We just seem to have made more over the past few days?

So... maybe I will get to do some sewing today?  I'm going to make a few small cushions for my stall.  I haven't decided on the colours/patterns yet... but it will be something pretty and bright!  I don't do dull.

So I went into the sewing room late last night, to see what I could turn into cushions. 

I found these:

 ABOVE:  Three blocks left over from my Dresden Plate quilt. 

ABOVE:  I also have these three Dresden Plate blocks, not finished.  They could also become cushion covers.

So, I might use three of them ... which three though?

 ABOVE: I'm dying to use this little combination of fabrics!  Thinking of making a table runner or two?  I've got enough mug rugs!

While I was in my sewing room hunting around, I was amazed at how few UFO's I have left!  I'm impressed with myself for getting so many of them done!
I've probably got 5-6 left?  Certainly not much more than that.

Right, I better go ... there is sewing to be doing!


12.43 pm:  Meh... still haven't gone into the sewing room!
Been doing other stuff.

Found more washing... a blanket on Griffin's floor that was FILTHY... so that's in the machine soaking for the next hour or so!

Someone suggested felting rocks?

So, I found the only smallish rock I had in the garden and felted it:

ABOVE:  It's about the size of a tennis ball, maybe slightly larger.  I'm calling it a door stop.

I think I could have 'felted' it a bit longer, but it's OK.

11.21 pm:  We went to McDonalds for dinner... waste of money that was!  Seriously, I had a burger for the first time in forever and it was bloody YUK!  Tasteless. 

Once home we had an Insurance Broker here for a little while... been looking at upping our life insurance.  Can't ... as we both have diabetes, it's far too costly to change from the policy's we already have.

While watching TV tonight, I've been carding some rough wool:

ABOVE:  Left is the rough wool, and right is what I carded.  Carded just means brushed out till it was fine and had no knots.

But now... it's end of the day and I'm going to bed soon.


  1. Happy sewing,Chris. I love the blue and white for the cushions but the others might sell better.

  2. Those ones at the top the 2nd one down sitting on a cushion what stunning colours but really they are all pretty nice.

    Lovely happy looking double digit, young one at the top... She sure has your eyes and a happy smile .

    Where does the time I am sure this generation grow quicker and taller than say 30 or more years ago,, or is that my imagination lol ??

    Love the felt rock amazing colours too Chris ...

  3. You could felt lots of rocks, stick some eyes & other bits on them & sell them as pet rocks at the next market.

  4. Anonymous2:40 PM

    you can also felt around soaps of bar - great for when you use the soap - its like a flannel being attached!

  5. I just love the dresden plates, they are so beautiful!

  6. Rena is such a pretty girl, she looks gorgeous in purple

  7. Why don't you make a rug? I have one of these in the girls room!

  8. Belated Happy Birthday to Rena. Hope you figure out what to do with the blocks.


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