Thursday, March 15, 2018


ABOVE:  We hope you have a fantastic day Bex, THE BIG 30! ...  see you on Saturday.

I started making new cushions for the dining chairs yesterday.  Well... I made one.

It always takes longer to make the first one as you are planning, sorting out fabric etc... so it took a couple of hours.

Today I expect to get 3-4 done at least.

I think it's pretty basic, but it will do.  I'm not putting ties on them either, that's a whole added step I just didn't want to do!

I did quilt it, so it's not too plain.

I do love the colours!  Kinda sad they are gunna be sat on... lol.  It will make sitting on the chairs nicer though, particularly when we have visitors.

We have a party on Sunday... I wonder if I can get them all done by then?  I do like a challenge.

(I wonder if my camera & lens will arrive back in Hamilton today????)

ABOVE:  Keera lost her other front tooth last night.  So, that's her done for the time being I think.

ABOVE:  Cute boys in the rabbit's bed.  They get their rabbits on Sunday.  I presume that bed will go in the rabbit hutch?

ABOVE:  This is the rabbit hutch, not finished yet... it's huge!


12.55 pm:   I got a phone call from Snapshot in Hamilton first thing this morning.  MY CAMERA WAS BACK... so excited, I went straight in.

Picked it up, got assured CANON and they (Snapshot) had tested it, and it was going just fine.  THRILLED TO BITS.

Took it outside and took a few snaps... NO PROBLEMS AT ALL, and looking at the photos showed no bright blur over the photos either.  SORTED.

So ... I'm a happy girl.  I go off to Spotlight and get some cushion inners, then to The Base for some lunch.

Then I came home.  Got out the camera.  It's a bit dark inside, so the FLASH flips up... and there's this funny buzzing noise in my ear, hmmm, that's new!

Then OH MY FUCKING GOD... the camera won't take a photo.  Not with the flash on/up.  NOT AT ALL.  It just buzzes in my ear and says ERROR, ERROR!

So... I am about to scream holy blue murder at someone.  Heading BACK to Snapshot right NOW. 

Heads are gunna roll.  

3.49 pm: Home again.

FUMING.  When my camera was sent to Canon for repair for THE SECOND TIME in early January... I clearly stated what it was doing, what the faults were.

They didn't fix one of the faults OBVIOUSLY.  Cos it was doing the exact same thing today.  So now... my camera is being sent back to Canon for the THIRD TIME!

Canon have said they will send down a replacement camera for me to use until mine is ACTUALLY FIXED.

OMG it's like a never ending saga/nightmare.

ABOVE:  So now I have a gorgeous NEW lens.  And no camera!  I can't win.

I feel like today has been totally wasted going to and from Hamilton TWICE, for nothing.  

And I've done NO sewing!  Grrrrr.

One bright spark though... I heard from my Mum in Australia.  She recently bought a new, all-in-one lens for her Canon camera, so she's going to send me her Canon lenses that she no longer uses!  SCORE!  That made me smile, which was good, cos all I really wanted to do was cry... or scream... or both.

TRACY & MARLENE:  I totally agree, but they have 'The Right of Repair' under the Consumer Guarantee Act remember?
But, if it's NOT repaired and working PERFECTLY when it comes back again, I will be demanding a new camera for sure!

End of day, and it's been all about the camera today.  I have only managed to get a little sewing done.  Getting all 8 cushions finished by Sunday is looking doubtful.  


  1. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Thank you 😊 keera has another 2 wiggly teeth nearly ready and the bunny bed is for inside 😂. They'll sleep like normal bunnies in the hutch. Hope you have a lovely day xx
    Bed xx

    1. Anonymous10:44 AM

      Haha not bed 🤣🤣 bex xx wish I was in bed tho lol

  2. Happy Birthday Bex - that a cute photo!

  3. Happy Birthday Bex. Hope you have an awesome day.
    Nice cushion Chris. Fingers crossed your camera will arrive today.

  4. Happy birthday Bex and I *love* the cushion colours as well, Christy x

  5. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Happy birthday Bex. Love the seat cushions. Don't forget to nail some wire to the underneath of the bunny frame otherwise the bunnies will burrow right out. Mine did LOL chicken wire is what was used the second time around, just stapled all around the frame. The grass grew up through it and the bunnies couldn't burrow out.


  6. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Happy Birthday Bex!!!! Hope you have an awesome day!!!!
    Good luck with your camera Chris................

  7. Happy Birthday Bex :-)

    Okay now to the camera - enough is enough, demand that they replace it, under the Consumer Guarantees Act, it is not fit for purpose, they have had plenty of opportunity to rectify it and have been unsuccessful, you have been without a virtually new camera for 4 months - not acceptable.

  8. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Yes they should be giving you a brand new camera after all the stuffing around!

  9. Happy birthday Bex I do hope you had a fabulous day. As for the camera oh my what a bugger. Hope you get it sorted once and for all.

  10. Fabulous colours on the cushion loving them ,,,,and what a mixup with the camera,,,, so frustrating for you and the ones you want to take pics of

    Hope tomorrow Is a better day!!

  11. How frustrating regarding the camera. I have a friend who is one of the producers of the fair go show, might be time canon got a call from them. It’s amazing how many issues get resolved once fair go get involved.

  12. God how frustrating!


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