Sunday, March 25, 2018


And here we go again... ANOTHER Birthday!

ABOVE: Happy 36th Birthday Kelly, have a lovely day. 

One of my FBG girlfriends is celebrating her 60th in a few days, so today she's hosting an afternoon tea at a local cafe.

I'm going to it of course!  I will be 60 myself this year, so let's call it a warm up to mine!

ABOVE:  The FOUR Sue's at the Relay For Life a couple of weekends ago.  And 'J' got carried on every lap too.  It's Sue T's birthday.

I feel so very lucky to have made so many really lovely friends through the Fat Bottomed Girls walking group.

Oh yeah, talking of the FBG's... things are changing!  When we start up the 2018 Urban Challenge, we are going to be called:

The Fat Bottomed Girls and Guys!

Yep, the group is now going to include men.  This means if our husbands or any 'random' bloke wants to join, they can.

I don't know how I feel about it... it's going to be different for sure.  But, it will be nice for Stew to be able to join me on walks now.

We are probably going to be walking in the evenings, it works best for both of us. 

Right, I'm off to check how dry me little balls are... *snigger*... that sounds ever so rude!  Well... only if you have a dirty mind that is.  *smiles*


Wow.... days like this!

QUIET...everyone busy?

Me too.

Both teenagers are out and about, so Stew and I decided to pop out to Lake Karapiro for a lunch time snack.  
Just had some of their lovely hot chips and a chocolate milkshake to share.

There was some sort of regatta on, water skiing racing by the look of it.

 ABOVE:  When we arrived the lake was like a mill pond, dead calm.
When we left.. not so much.  
It was interesting watching them racing... I wouldn't want to be a skier and come off at the speeds they were going.

 ABOVE:  The Podium Cafe was very busy!  

Home and quickly put me face on, ready to head out again to Sue's afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea with Sue T and about 12 other lovely FBG's was just lovely.
Lots of laughs.

ABOVE:  I think I got most of us in!
Sue looked gorgeous... such a happy chick.

And the rest of the day/evening has gone par for course.  Stew cooked lovely pork steaks with veges for dinner, they were really good.
Watching the finale of Trauma, it's riveting.


  1. Looking forward to seeing how your balls turn out haha.

    Just back from a 5.5km walk to raise awareness & money for Dementia.

  2. Is kelly one of you guys daughters?? She is lovely and photogenic like the others you take pics of .

    Love the FBG girls relay picy & so many Sues Love it!!! and now you have the FBG&G as the new name..

    The purple and your bright page always have some goodies for us to check while we are away

    Will be nice if Stew will go sometimes on the night walks too for some company as well..

    1. Yes, Kelly is daughter number 3. I had three girls, then three boys, then got Brylee followed by Griffin (both Grandkids, but raised as our own).

  3. yeah I off to work...hoping I wasn't .... but sighhhhh still no sign of baby...

  4. You could be FBG2 or just stay FBG Fat Bottom Group. I'm resting up today after holding fort for 3 weeks whilst boss away IN SHATTERED

  5. Thanks for answering that Chris she has your eyes .. Thats lovely 3 of each then,, Brylee and Griffin who fit in like
    One happy,,, well cared for family..

    Loved pics of Lake Karapiro, lovely,, to just do things out of the blue for you two.

    Aww lunch,,,, you had there SO Jealouslol but glad you enjoyed it.

  6. can you be in FBG if your name is not Sue?
    Just kidding.

  7. Really cute picture of Kelly, Happy Birthday Kelly!

  8. Looks like a great day!


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