Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Today the fluff buckets get a groom.  Both the little girls certainly need it, whereas Coco, not so much.  But ... I booked her in weeks ago, so she's going too.

I get a really good discount for taking all three dogs at the same time, so it is worth it, even when Coco doesn't really need a trim.

We were supposed to be having a SKY technician coming today to 'fix' our Sky ... but rather typically, since ringing on Friday night, our SKY connection has been going fine!  Derrrr.  Makes me wonder if they fixed it remotely?  Either way, it's going ... for now.

I'm going to investigate what we would lose/gain by dropping SKY and picking up Netflix?

Stew HAS TO be able to watch the sport!  I on the other hand, don't really care about the SKY channels anymore, there is bugger all I really watch now.

I will ask Steve next time I see him, he will know all about it.

Now, what else is on today?  NOTHING!
I am hoping most of my felt balls are 100% dry now, so I might have a go at actually linking some together as earrings.
I've been putting it off until I had enough balls made.  

There's enough made to do 3 pairs of earrings I think.  


ABOVE:  CLEARLY... I have too much time on my hands!
See what I did?  lol

I just got called a Crazy Woman!  Brylee came home and said 'Who puts a skirt on a Tea Pot?"

Well ... obviously me.  I had thought of it ages ago, so an glad I finally did it.

So the dogs look gorgeous.  Coco actually looks no different. The little girls though... nice and short again.

They have been sleeping off the truama of it all since they came home.

They go back in 6 weeks, but not Coco.  Even the groomer agreed she didn't need to.  I'm still getting the 'multi dog' discount though, so that's great.

It's gotten stinking hot this afternoon, I'm sitting in semi darkness in the family room... all the curtains are closed.  It keeps the heat out a little.

DOGSTARS:  just for you:

ABOVE:  All looking gorgeous.  And tired.  *smiles*

Time to start dinner.  Tonight we are having Teriyaki Chicken and rice.

Dinner was so good!  It's been ages since I cooked Teriyaki chicken... it's a family favourite for sure.

I've enjoyed watching some good TV tonight, while doing a jigsaw on my computer.
Nice to chill out after a hot, sticky day.


  1. For someone who watches a lot of sport there really is no option other than Sky for you. We do watch sport on the internet but that is just the odd game and the quality is not what you'd want on a regular basis. Netflix is great - I love that there is no advertising and you can watch two or three or all episodes in one go!! They have some awesome Netflix series now and it is a very inexpensive service.

    One thing you might miss by giving up Sky is your recordable programs but really, you are only recording what is on "on demand" anyway so why bother? You can now see all TV on demand so it's just a matter of figuring out how to view that on your TV. We link our computer to the screen as we don't a have a modern smart TV that automatically shows on demand.

    Finally, I watch nearly all of my own programs online. There are a few websites that will play almost any program shown around the world and that's now my go to for TV. I'll pop a program on while cooking dinner or ironing etc. It took ages for us to finally make the break from Sky but we'd never go back.

    1. Lynda, I guess Sky is like our Foxtel which we have in Australia, it is so crap, repeats, repeats, repeats, rubbish movies, and ads, when we got it it was because there were no ads, now we are swamped by them. We have Netflix and love it, so many series to watch, we especially love the international series. It is so good only costs $11.00 a month too.

  2. Anonymous7:52 AM

    You can get a free trial of Netflix if it's your first time having it.Highly recommend watching Shameless the series (USA version) it's so good! And also the black mirror series.

  3. She looks a bit better now she has a skirt on ;)

  4. lol

    No live sports on Netflix! We only have Direct TV here so we can get baseball and football.

  5. Love the skirt - surprised it doesn't have any additional bling :-) We love our Netflix. It only costs $10 a month, an is largely all we watch. But then we are not a sporting household, so that aspect does not factor. I know my parents had Foxtel for a while, just for sports, but it was expensive.

  6. Wow that's cute! You are such a decorator!

  7. Honestly? Where are the photos of the dogs!!!!!!??????

  8. That's better! They are little darlings!

  9. All in all a good day there and the puppies and COCO brings back so many memories and they are such posers .

    Lovely to have as part of your home

  10. I love that teapot. Definitely suits a skirt. Dogs look gorgeous.

  11. A sassy teapot needs a sassy skirt! Pups are beautiful as always. :)


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