Thursday, March 01, 2018


Mike has had long hair for several years now... like lovely, long flowing locks. And a really bushy beard...he looks like a viking!

So last night he told me he was sick to death of it and was ready to get it all cut off.   I'm like YES!!!!

So tonight he's going to get it all cut off, and I am going to video or photograph the process.

ABOVE:  Watching tv last night... the reflection off the screen makes his eyes look evil!  Check out that beard!

I can't imagine how he's going to look with it all trimmed and cut off.

I've suggested he donate his hair to the Cancer Society for wigs... here's hoping he can.

Now as for today... Sandra and I will probably catch up with Chris D and do something together.

I will catch up with you later on...


We are off to Foxton... there's a patchwork shop there!  How awesome that my girlfriends are happy to take me places!  Love you chicks 💙💛💜💚

Our day...

 ABOVE:  Sandra's new dashcam. There's a lady inside it who keeps saying to Sandra... "You are over the speed limit"... ALL. THE. TIME!

 ABOVE: Found the patchwork shop in Foxton
 It's a beautiful shop. 
My sort of fabrics. I bought one piece of fabric.

I will show you all my little fabric purchases when I get home tomorrow night.

ABOVE: Foxton is a town dominated by Dutch descendants.... hence the windmill.

DANG!!! The hair cut is happening tomorrow morning now. Mike's just finished work and feels it would be better tomorrow morning...when he's less rushed.

So we are meeting for dinner a bit later tonight. 

I will sign off for the day now and be back tomorrow.

OMG I'm at a Korean restaurant waiting for Mike n Joyce... and there's this guy in table nearby and he's slopping and slurping and eating with his mouth open. I WANT TO KILL HIM.



  1. My brother shaved off his big beard and it was kind of shocking lol haven't seen his chin in years!

  2. I love the long hair & beard look, will be interesting to see the result of the big shave :-)

  3. Oh Ya! You need to document that haircut! I hope he can donate it! Different organizations require different lengths of hair. So hopefully he will qualify for one! And sometimes the haircut is free when you donate. Good Luck, take TONS of pictures and maybe treat him to a beard "spa treatment" too! He will feel like a different person!

  4. Sounds like you are having a variety packed few days away. Good for you ..
    cant wait to see the wee video tonight will take a while to get used to but will feel and look so different and also someone can benefit

    Enjoy with your gr8 friends there as well ..

  5. Yuk yuk yuk !! I hate people that eat like that!!

    Have a lovely evening with Mike and Joyce.


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