Sunday, April 01, 2018


The clocks went BACK last night... end of Daylight saving here.  Can't believe it's freakin' April already.  But thank god, cos it's getting so much cooler now.  I feel like I can breathe again.  Function again.  

While out yesterday, we were in the mall and I decided to get some new earrings... cos I felt like I needed a lift.  Some colour.

ABOVE:  So ... two new pairs of earrings.  

And today, I will dye my hair again... cos the roots are needing a touch up.

AND I might even do me nails too.  A pamper day!

Brylee comes home today ... If she gets home in time she can straighten my hair for me.  Yaaa.  

Stew still has to get the lawns done!  He ran outta time yesterday too.  Something tells me the lawns are NOT a priority.  I don't blame him, there's a lot of lawn here.  But, we love our section, it's just gorgeous.  I never thought I would get so much pleasure from our own garden!

Right, I better get a move on... hair and nails!  Pamper day.

Maybe today my nether regions will finally start to feel better too?  Shit that would be great.


It looks like Brylee and co might be a bit late arriving.  There's been a nasty accident on the main road they are travelling on, so they are having to try and find a different route to get here.
Easter accidents... there's been quite a few already.  Glad we are not on the road.

I've dyed me hair... it's now yellow!  lol
It tones down over a week or so, so I'm not bothered.
Might do me nails now. 

 ABOVE:  I'm actually really happy with the hair colour!  Not bad for a $10 supermarket dye job!  Such a difference from paying $168 at the salon.

MAGPIE:  This is what I use:

ABOVE:  I wait till it's on sale for $10 at the supermarket too!  It can sting for a minute when first on, but it's never given me a chemical burn.

End of day, dinner tonight was Nacho mince with corn chips and sour cream.  Very yummy.
Time to settle down and watch a TV movie before bed.  STILL itchy, but not as bad.  Fingers crossed tomorrow it finally stops.


  1. Love the new earrings esp the ones on the left of the pic.You have the right hairstyle to be able to have them (hair free)
    Read earlier about the bad accident near Matamata on the highway and thought there will be many delays

    Sadly some families are in for long days and nights with their ones taken to hospital ..

    Your section certainly looks lovely,, and we can understand the hard work involved and Stew putting it off ..

    MY DH did our front ones this morning in the heat so he feels happy they are done and must say they look better but its not the grass that grows its wee weed things on thin stalks!! We have the GOOD one on the back lawn Sir Walter buffulo and in the winter going to re lay the front to the same

    Expensive to do,,,, but always looks green and lush and more carpety feeling lol to walk on in Bare feet ..

    So used to doing that in NZ growing up ,,,but going on a temp working holiday,(which ended up longer than we thought lol), have to adjust to different conditions, tho its a nice change and home is only 3 hrs plane ride away (once you get to a major airport lol

    Take care and be nice when Brylee is back with your lovely friends
    Envy you have Griffin there for an extra pair of outdoor hands

  2. Love your hair, what product are you using, do you just do the roots, it looks so nice.

  3. Snap..WE were posting together lol

    That looks amazing There is no way that looks any better than a salon done one... Good on you and gr8 savings that can go toward something else for you all

    Love the tads of curls as well

  4. PS,,,, Sorry I meant that looks just as good as a hair salon one,,, if not better in lots of cases,, esp with long hair.

    Scuse the last mistake it must be the heat!!!

  5. Your hair looks lovely Chris ... and I love it not-tied-up - it's so flattering on you. I used the same brand of hair colour but manage to score it for between $6 - $8 a packet at The Warehouse, where they often have it on special. Very good value. Enjoy the rest of your pampering today.

    1. LOL... Brylee just straightened it and it's in a ponytail again! I only ever wear it down like that if I'm going out, otherwise it's tied up cos it get too hot for me! And hair on my face does my head in!

  6. I used to love Palette when I used to dye my hair! I used to wait and get it for around $7 on sale. Still cheap at $10 though. Do you do the roots first and then the rest? You shouldn't dye the lot (not sure if you do).

    1. I just do the roots... like the box says :)

    2. Great. Saves a lot of money and it's looking really good :)

  7. I LOVE your hair! Can't believe it's a box job! You did great!

  8. I don’t want to eat meat, when I eat it I see the animal in my mind. I remember one time You put up a photo Chris on pork belly that had nipples on it, that was it for me, an image once seen never forgotten. My Dad was a butcher and I was bought up eating meat and loving it, but as I get older, I just can’t stand to eat it. It makes it hard to work out meals,

  9. I love your hair and that is a great picture!

  10. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Hair & make up look lovely Chris!!!! X


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