Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I have had some news from Canon.

It has become clear that wires have gotten crossed between Snapshot and Canon over the repair of my camera.

Canon were of the opinion that I didn't ask for my CAMERA to be repaired, just the LENS!
Now that is a crock of shit for sure.   

ABOVE:  The 'job sheet' and quote, and OH! look, it clearly states ...

Go Ahead:  Yes

I clearly stated I wanted both the camera and lens to be repaired.  The quote from Canon was to repair BOTH, the insurance company paid out for both, and I had to pay that money IN FULL to Snapshot when I picked up the un-repaired camera in January!

So anyway, after emailing the head of the Service Department at Canon last week, saying how much I'd love to give some of their products a try, but couldn't cos they have had my camera and lens for over FOUR MONTHS... I have had some very good news from her.

They are going to GIVE ME a brand new lens!
BRAND NEW!  AND, they are giving me a partial refund on the repair because of how long I have had to wait... and wait... for it's repair.  They apologised for NOT repairing my camera too.
But did cover their arses by saying they thought I didn't want it repaired!  (Remember though, I was told back in January it HAD been repaired!)

So... lesson learnt.  If you want something done, badger the company!  Send them POLITE, but snarky little emails saying how unhappy you are with their 'service' and so on.  Worked for me!

I've had issues with many companies over the years (Lounge suites & sewing machines to name a couple), and I always win!  As long as you have RIGHT on your side, you should win.

Another win for me.  Rather happy about that.  And soon, I will have a new lens to use, on Snapshot's camera.

Cos my camera is still waiting to be fixed.  It's at the TOP OF THE QUEUE I have been assured.

Let's see how long that takes eh?  *smiles*

Today the kids go back to school, so I am alone all day.  Excellent!
I shall potter around the house doing some much needed housework, then I'm going to (maybe) do some sewing?
Not sure yet.  I feel all sewn out right now!

Tonight is our Fat Bottomed Girls Quiz Night at the Good George Pub. I really enjoyed that the last time I went... so I expect another enjoyable night.


More news on my camera!   It is being repaired TODAY, and I should have my camera and NEW lens by Thursday, barring any other problems cropping up!

Not next week, or next month, or later on in the year!  THIS THURSDAY!  I am so happy.

 ABOVE:  last night, walking the two little girls in the rain.  It was WONDERFUL!  Except they keep trying to trip me up all the time!  And the above photo was like this cos I was spinning around...trying to get a photo while they were running around me.  It's quite neat!

ABOVE:  Wow, they kept still for a moment. 


I went out.  On a little mission.  Not going to say what till tomorrow.  *smiles*

Then came home and got driven mental by flies.  Our automatic fly spay things have run out again... might have to get a few more I think.  They are expensive when you have 6 dotted around the house ... but worth it!

I just had lunch, and now am going to do a couple of little jobs around the house.  Nothing riveting sadly.  Just friggin housework. 

This afternoon I've just felt like crap.  Headache.  Tired.  No energy.  Annoying as hell.

It's now time to sort out dinner for Stew and the kids before I go out to Quizz Night.  

Better take some panadol I think.

Quiz night was fun, even though we didn't win.
I got home around 9 pm, then enjoyed watching some mindless TV till bedtime.

Which is going to be soon.


  1. Finally! your Polite persistance has paid off. Roll on Thursday.Cute little girls out walking. Is Denim ok with walking now?

    1. Yes! She had come a long way, the body harness type of lead works for her. If we try to lead her from her collar she drops, digs her nails in and screams! lol

    2. Glad you found something that works for her.

  2. Glad you've finally got a result with your camera Chris.

  3. Oohhh secret missions - exciting :-)

  4. Have Steve Build you a little mother in law house, with a bathroom and tiny kitchenette - then AirBNB to your hearts content!

  5. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Not till he's built my bunny hatch 🤣🤣 and fixed our house up. Xx bex

  6. Awesome you've got Denim walking with a harness! And great result with camera. Re: flies, do you have flyscreens on windows and doors? I only ask as they are standard in Australia, but I know that's not the case in every other country. I couldn't live without them! So much so, that when we moved into our home which was built in 1955 and had no flyscreens, that was the first thing we got done on the house!

  7. Long newsy blog today from you, but time poor here,,, just wanna quickly say that moving pic (the 1st one) of the wee girls lol needs to go in a photo competition I reckon, Its absolutely stunning !!!

    camera story good results,,, and test of patience for you ones needing it back, that's for sure!!

    Love the Bunny hutch and house one Bex ..Lovely he is so talented,, and lil ones love it when Dad does it for them

  8. Ha good on you for sticking to your guns! You go. Love the spinning shot, glad the walking is more pleasurable for all.

  9. Anonymous5:30 AM

    Great post.

  10. Does the other dog get upset when you don't take her too?


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