Tuesday, March 20, 2018


ABOVE: Happy Birthday today to Huston.  Have an awesome day!

When Bex was here over the weekend, she showed me how to make felt balls.

It was so much fun...

ABOVE:  making balls.  Lucky I already had some roving/carded wool.

ABOVE:  It's quite a quick and easy process.

ABOVE:  Now I just have to think about what I can use them for!  Any ideas?  I can make tiny ones or bigger ones...

So, I'm standing at my back door, and I can see through my back neighbour's bedroom windows, to the paddocks behind their home.
There's a yellow digger working... so I go down the driveway and down to his back fence and take a few photos.

ABOVE:   I am sure they are clearing the land ready for development!  (that post and rail fence is my neighbour's back fence).

That whole area is pegged for housing in the future.  I think, maybe in the not too distant future by the look of it!

It is certainly going to change my neighbour's outlook!  Such a shame.

Luckily, it won't actually change ours at all.  We have a lovely big section, on a quiet, dead end street.  And our hedges are nice and high, so we don't even see 3/4'ers of our neighbours.
Just waiting for our back hedge to get about half a metre higher and we will be totally private.

Today... I'm doing bloody housework!  There is heaps to do, sweeping, vacuming and washing floors primarily.

I've got Card Night here tonight, so I need to get the house clean!   I've got about 8 or so girls coming, so that should be fun.

Right... off to start the day...


So far today I've done... bugger all!
I have been sitting outside with the hose, ready to spray my neighbour's dog to stop it barking and howling for hours on end!

I got it ONCE... and it's not barked since!

I have prepared the floors for washing.  

Then I did this:

The sedative the dentist gave me has given me the shits.  Did the last time too.  Not fun, nope, not at all.

Canon have sent my camera back.  I don't even feel excited.
They have tested it ....  ha ha!  Heard that before.

I get to keep their camera until I'm assured mine is working properly.  Hmmm... maybe that will take... let me see... 4.5 months?  lol

I have too much time on my hands today.  I'm sitting here ruminating.  And getting really crabby.  And I can't vent.  Stew won't let me.  Bastard.  *smiles*

Am I boring you today?  It's been very quiet.  I don't like it when it's this quiet.  I feel like I'm failing!
*sigh*... I better go and cook the dinner.  We have card night here in less than 2 hours.
Stew is not even on his way home from Rotorua yet... so goodness knows when he will rock in.

It's just been a shitty day really.

CARDS!  What fun.  It was a small group tonight, but just the right number to be enjoyable.   I didn't end up winning or losing... awesome!  The girls have just left and I'm about to cook myself some dinner and relax till bedtime.

I'm feeling much happier now.


  1. Anonymous8:39 AM

    We have a felt ball garland (like a bunting but with balls) in our house. Looks very cool!

  2. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Oh no hope your feeling better. I left my 2 felted balls at your place. Woops.
    Bex xx

  3. you could knit a scarf and use the pom poms as a "fringe" xx Christy

  4. Anonymous5:36 PM

    You will have a fun card night...have a wine...lol


  5. Forget about what you cannot change & enjoy card night. As it is at your place you can have a wee tipple :-)

  6. Time diff here so you probably are having dinner and then waiting for your friends to arrive. You will look back on today and think its one out of the box,,,, where there has been stuff going on,,, but once you relax and play cards you will forget the worries of the day

    Love the pics of the back sections etc you live in a lovely semi rural area do you?? and your section is a neat size and lots of lovely garden and outdoor goodies.

    Lovely grandson there can see the family likeness.

    hey its neat your privacy comes from well planted shrubs and trees etc so much prettier than the old standard 6ft wooden boundary fences in built up areas,,, So much variety and all nowadays

    Love the fact bex is in to craft too its so neat to see..


  7. It’s the aftermath of the weekend that’s probably upsetting you, You said there was an upset at Bex,s party. It’s onky temporary Chris, you will bounce back you always do.

  8. Fingers crossed that your camera is infact fixed this time - but if not, demand a brand new one. You deserve it!

    The felt balls look like fun. I have a friend that makes felted mice - she sent me one, and it is so cute. You can see these here ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqD4K2Z0xLE

    Glad you are feeling better tonight and enjoyed your cards evening.

  9. You guys have the cutest kids! Glad you had a fun card night

  10. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Glad you felt better by the end of the night. Cards with friends is so much fun!!

  11. Dryer balls, they are felted wool balls that are about the size of a tennis ball. They go in the dryer with your clothes, supposed to cut the drying time down if you have at least a few in each load. I have seen some made where people inject the balls with essential oils, to give their clothes a scent that isn't from artificial perfumed oils. I have also seen people use them in different sizes as home decor by putting them in vases and what not.

  12. I agree with dryer balls - but make them a bit bigger than tennis balls. Use 3-6 at a time. Use cheaper roving for dryer balls, like plain white (at least in the middle) My collie LOVES the dryer balls and will stick his long snout into the clean laundry until he finds one! Otherwise, the tiny ones like you made can be strung into a garland (like a string of popcorn). Or sewed into a hot pad, place-mat, or bathmat.

  13. You can also felt around something. like a big smooth river rock. Cover it with lots of roving and felt it until snug. Then use it as a paperweight or doorstop or something.


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