Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Well... it's a 'walking' day again.
Today's walk includes walking over the 'top/high bridge' at the end of the shopping area in Cambridge.
I am really looking forward to that.

The high bridge is very NARROW, so I would NEVER, ever drive over it!  I just couldn't do it... and certainly not with my eyes closed, (and they would be!).  lol

I will take some crappy photos with my phone to show you how narrow it is.

After my walk I've got to pay some bills (necessary evil), then I'm coming home to do some jobs here.

One of them is ringing around and getting some quotes for an Archgola or similar structure out the back of our home, and a carport out the front.

We had planned on getting Steve to build the carport, but seriously, he's so busy in Auckland,
we don't want him coming down here on his one day off a week to work for us.  

Once he moves to the Waikato, we can take advantage of him more!  lol

So that's my plan for the day.
Time to get moving, get the small kid ready for school... bla bla bla.


10.50 am:  Today's walk was ... difficult.  The first 1/4 went fine, then my shins started hurting, then they completely packed it in and I was in a lot of pain.  I thought I was gunna have to give up and get someone to pick me up and take me back to my car... it was that bad.

But I knew that if I just slowed my pace and tried to walk through the pain, it would eventually ease.  And it did.  Like, about 5 minutes before the end of the bloody walk!

So typical.  That has happened now on several walks I've done.  Most frustrating.  And I always feel guilty that I'm slowing people up.  
The kind girls today assured me I didn't, but I feel I did for part of the walk at least.

But all good... I've just paid one big school bill... so can relax for the rest of the year!  NOT, I bet I get an account for Keera next... the 'school donation'.  *sigh*
I might just dodge that one for a while.

I'm cooling down now, so will get off and have a nice hot shower and then relax for a little while.

PETA:  Yes, they plan on moving down to Hamilton (or Cambridge) early next year.  Hamilton is only 20 minutes away from Cambridge, so either way, they will be really close by.  

I just remembered the photo of the bridge...

 ABOVE:  There it is!   I don't think it's clear just how narrow it is in the photo.  
There are 'stick' things in the middle of the road to keep cars on their side of the road... so add them to the mix and it feels even narrower.

ABOVE:  We were so lucky with the weather today!  Lovely sunshine.  The Waikato River is VERY full after all our rain. 

7.06 pm:   I've had a very quiet afternoon.  My legs were bloody sore, so I tried not to aggravate them.  IN fact, I fell asleep for a little while this afternoon, so did Griffin!
Keera happily watched over both of us!  lol

Brylee was at Drama practise, and I popped out and picked her up at 6 pm, before getting dinner ready.

Stew was in Rotorua today, so he got home just in time for dinner.

I had a yak with me Mum tonight, she's not doing that well.  Exhausted ALL THE TIME... so she's off to the Dr on Thursday.  I'm hoping once he adjusts her medications she will come right.

She's not been 'right' since her heart attack in May. I'm a little worried, but she insists she's not ready to pop her clogs yet! (her words, not mine)  *smiles*

We've just taken Keera through her homework... reading, spelling and maths!  Second day at school and she's right into it!

Time to chill out... and put the smallest person to bed.  She's tired and grumpy now.  Crying, says she hates Brylee cos she made her go to the toilet!  Ahhhh kids!


  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Are Steve and Bex planning to move closer to you in the near future ? I put my fitbit on today as I have not been doing anywhere near the steps since my mother passed away 3 months ago..it has been hard to get motivated and eating seems easy to do!


  2. Hi Chris. Well done on the walking. Have you considered making an appointment with a podiatrist re your pain when walking? I know a friend of mine had similar problems and with some good orthotics it has made a huge difference for her. Maybe something to consider.

  3. Believe the girls when they say that they are not upset about the pace of the walk, I am sure they have all been in that position at some time and it is nice to be able to just have a show gentle walk with some company for a bit.

    For the school fees (and the other costs for the kids) I just set up an AP at the beginning of the year, they add on sports and other stuff as it comes up and send me a statement every month or so so I can see where it is at. There is no disadvantage to the kids because something is not fully paid. It takes the pressure of having to find lump sums.

  4. I predict that by Friday wee Keerawill be so exhausted that she will be extremely grumpy & tearful, still, it won't take her long to get used to being a school girl 😀

  5. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Night guys, Miss 5 you really are precious lol hehe #jailbird

  6. Well done for persevering but yes wouldn't to get advice on shins. What about a retired gent who might do the building cheap?

  7. Good on you for not giving up. Try some calf stretches. It could be the muscles on your shins that are seizing up. Maybe chat to a physio or some exercises?

  8. Good work keeping up with the walking.


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