Saturday, July 08, 2017


Today we are getting ready for tomorrow.
Cos tomorrow we are going up to Auckland to have a little family party for Keera's 5th birthday.

Her actual birthday is on Tuesday, 11th July.

We are going to be having fun at a 'Bounce and Beyond' establishment in Auckland, followed by a small party lunch at the Playcentre that Dante and Archer attend.

Shit!  I have to wrap her presents too.  I've been putting it off... I loathe present wrapping.  LOATHE IT.

Stew is going to put the roof box on our car so we can fit all the food/drink/presents etc in.

I need to pack a suitcase for Keera too, she is spending the holidays with Steve and Bex.

She is really looking forward to it too.  Which is neat.  All part of getting her prepared for when she goes to live with them permanently next year.

ABOVE:  Some throw back photos of Keera and  family.   Gee I kinda miss that spa pool now!  

I am going down the road at some point this morning... to SLOTH.
The new cafe just down the road ... they have an AMAZING white chocolate cheesecake in there and I want to get a couple of pieces so Stew can try it too.

I confess to having a piece a few days ago and OMG!  TO. DIE. FOR.  So bad.  So bad.   But in my defense, I only had ONE PIECE... and I lost weight this week!

And people, that's about all for now... might post a photo of that amazing cake later... if I can buy some that is.  I bet it's turning out to be freakin' popular!


11.45 am:  And there was no cheesecake, so I got some brownies... they were nice, but not AMAZING.

Came home, and got some washing on.  Packed a shit about not being able to move in the laundry area, so Stew is taking the punching bag down and rearranging a few things.

It really, really pisses me off not being able to even turn around in the garage. 

It didn't help that my mood took a nose dive when I decided it was time to wrap Keera's presents.

There is absolutely NOTHING I enjoy about wrapping presents.  NOTHING.  I get so frustrated... even cutting out the bloody paper pisses me off!  I hate it.   My back ends up hurting cos I always end up sitting on the floor doing it too.

This time, I was in our walk in wardrobe, so Keera didn't see me doing it.  Cramped space.  Annoying again. 

It's done now and I'm crabby as hell.  
It's just one of those days where everything pisses me off.

Anyone else have days like that?

With Dee's suggestion ringing in my ears, my mood has picked up hugely!
I cannot wait to start making gift bags.  Big ones, little ones, cute ones, christmas ones... OMG I've got so much fabric that is perfect for bags!

I'm not going to make them 'fancy', but certainly nice.. with little ties to attach name tags to as well.  Oh I'm going to have fun.  *smiles*

Stew did a good job of sorting out the garage, so much more room to move around in now. 

Now he's moving the basketball hoop outside and making it wind proof.  It got blown over in a storm last year, and since then it's been half lying down on a fence. Not ideal.

I'm still doing washing!  Late afternoon, so I want it all done and dusted by tonight so I can pack Keera's bag for her trip up to Auckland.

I sent Stew out to get a birthday cake ... none available so he got a carrot cake!  Yep  *sigh*.  So, Bex is going to source some pretties to put on the top so it actually LOOKS like a birthday cake for tomorrow.   At least I have candles.

I finally got all the washing up to date and dry.  So then I could pack Keera's bag.  She's got enough packed to last her the full 12 days or so I hope!  

Time to relax and leave everything else till the morning.  


  1. Fun fun! 5 already!

  2. Why don't you make some drawstring bags for present bags. Personalise them and reuse them each year.

    1. LEGEND! What a bloody good idea Dee! OMG so going to do that. I can make girly ones, and boyish ones, and grown up ones, and baby ones... and so much fun! Thank YOU!

    2. Happy to help

    3. We have drawstring bags for gifts for family members and some massive present bags that I got from the $2 shop for birthday parties. Stuff wrapping shit! Haven't done it in YEARS! You won't know yourself.

  3. I hate gift wrapping with a passion. Hate it!!!

  4. I am surprised you never thought of that before lol that's because you busy busy.. Gorgeous throw back pics.

  5. Countdown Greenlane have awesome birthday cakes and I can definitely say that they are yum. Fresh and clean 😉. And usually are around $25. And they always have gateaux and other sponge cakes too... if you need one.

  6. how can you hate wrapping presents??!! I think it's fun finding new colour combinations and decided who would enjoy what shades etc.... LOLOL xxxx

    1. You don't have to wrap for multitudes of people Chick! I've never enjoyed it... not for one bloody second! Seriously, who enjoys admiring the paper? Most kids just want to rip it open and see what's inside!

    2. Penny2:26 AM

      Having seen Christy's wrapping skills, I for one think she is very talented! But I do hear you on the quantity. I like to do Christmas wrapall at once and often regret it. Have fun tomorrow xxoo

  7. Nope - I'm with you, I am useless at wrapping, can't get straight corners and always get the sticky tape stuck to the wrong bit. Gift bags - great idea!

  8. Hate wrapping presents & I suck at it. Father Christmas stopped wrapping stocking stuff after about two years & Hary & I used to put the kids to bed & wrap on Christmas Eve fortified by a bottle of wine. Now I recycle gift bags as much as I can & make Gary "help" me wrap.


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