Friday, July 07, 2017


I am going to love today.

Keera will be at school all day, it's her last full day visit before she starts school for good in two weeks.

The school holidays start at the end of today too.
Two weeks of not having to get up and get kids off to school and kindy.

And as Keera is going to be spending the school holidays with her Uncle Steve and Aunty Bex after Sunday, I will be getting a total break from having to look after a little kid!

That makes me smile.  It's been a while now since I could just lie in bed and relax, knowing I didn't have to get up and fed/dress/entertain a little grandkid.

Keera has been with us for over 9 months now!   It doesn't feel like it's been that long!

But it has, and as I said, it will be lovely to have a break from full time child care.
I don't count Brylee and Griffin as kids who need 'caring for' any more.  Those two are so good at looking after themselves now.

I've done something right I suppose!

I am expecting Amanda and little Liam this morning for a visit.  It's been a few weeks since I've seen them, so it will be nice to catch up with them.

But for now... I better get Keera dressed in her uniform, make her lunch and get her and the big kids outta here and off to school.


Really disappointed this morning.  Heard from Amanda just now, she can't come out as she's been sick and doesn't want to pass on the bug.
Damn, I was really looking forward to seeing them, and playing with Liam.

So now... I will just have to do housework, then some sewing I think.

1.50 pm:   Well... instead of doing sewing, I sat and yakked to our son Mike on the computer.  Love doing that, it's always neat to catch up with him.

Lacy sent me some photos over the computer too.  She's had a bit of a mishap with her thumb, involving a knife.  I'd share the photos, but they are gruesome... too nasty to share.  She has literally taken a chunk off the top of her thumb.  Really ikkk.  And nasty looking.  
I hope it heals well.  I think she may have a 'gap' in her fingerprint now!

During all that, I've been trying to get some washing sorted out... it's been piling up for the past week or so.
We've had wet weather for days now... so it will all have to be hung inside or put through the dryer.

So... a fairly nice, but blog boring day so far.

ANON:  just two things to say to you.
FUCK OFF.   and I know more about YOU than you think... Aucklander, uses Flip Services for ya Broadband, Your ISP address is :  103.9.43.*** and you have Windows 7 operating.  Oh and I can actually find out more... if I so desired.  So keep that in mind when you are making shit comments.

OH HI Anon, I see you popped back at 4.48 pm to check on ya comment.  Sorry, it's gone.

Well... it's been a very quiet day, and I'm about to watch Coronation Street then go to bed.


  1. Sounds like a win-win situation all round. You get a break from having a little one to look after and Keera gets the company of her young cousins to play with. Hope you have a nice relaxing time and get lots of sewing,or whatever that you want to do, done!

  2. Shame Amanda could not come but I am sure you would not have thanked her if she made you all sick.

    Keera will have a lovely time staying with her cousins (and crazy Uncle Steve), I hope they don't all drive poor Bex insane.

  3. Anonymous2:59 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Penny5:51 PM

    A lot of people would do well to remember that the internet isn't actually that anonymous!

  5. Glad I missed the Anonymous - I sure hope Lacy is ok? And that you do finally get a good sleep-in soon. :)

  6. Keera will be excited she is going on a holiday and will have such fun with the boys. The household will enjoy a sleep in and a quieter house. Hope Lacy is ok.

  7. Enjoy your break - you have done a great job taking on Keera but it's hard work looking after such a little kid, hopefully it gets a bit easier as she's growing up. Hope you have a lovely rest and get to spend a bit of time with Brylee and Griffin too.

    1. Athene, and anyone else reading this... we are only keeping Keera till the end of this year. Then she will be living PERMANENTLY with her Uncle Steve and Aunty Bex. I CANNOT and will not raise another child. Stew and I NEED some time for US, as we have had NO TIME ever when it's just been US. We are not prepared to raise another child till it's old enough to leave home! Steve and Bex are young, have children the same age as Keera and will love her and treat her as their own, and they have been in Keera's life since she was a new born. Keera is well aware of this 'plan' and we are all preparing her in many ways for this change in her life (to come). She is very happy with the plan, and Steve and Bex having her in the holidays is part of the transition process. I thought everyone knew this was our plan? Oh well... I will 'blog' about it again some time.

    2. Sorry Chris, I'm not sure if I've offended you? Yes, you have said that she wouldn't be with you long term, but I don't think you said where she was going - and it's still a long time till the end of the year when you have to keep getting up and doing kiddy stuff every day! I totally agree, you and Stu deserve to have some time on your own.

    3. Hell no Athene, you didn't offend me! Whatever gave you that idea? I thought you were not aware we were not keeping Keera permanently, so wanted to clear that up is all.

  8. I only have 2 kids, now 18 & 20 and I am so exhausted. Us Chinese in Singapore we take care of our kids a lot longer since they don't move out due to cultural and practical reasons (housing is expensive). Waking them up, cooking, cleaning, laundry, nagging to do homework. It never ends. I've made it known I won't take care of any grand kids. I know it's selfish but I really want to stop taking care of people.

    1. It's not selfish Chick, it's all about knowing what's right for you. I am learning that and finally making a stand. Enough is enough for us.

  9. I think it's wonderful of Bex and Steve care for Keera. I know she will be loved and have a happy, secure life. I'm just so glad that you were able to take over her care when you did.

    Re my cold? Yes, I seem to have developed what you get - coughing til I nearly spew (or pee my pants). Oh the joy... I did get some great stuff though at the recommendation of the chemist called Harker Herbals deep lung support. Horrible stuff but it does seem to have made a massive difference already.

  10. Anonymous10:57 PM

    I am constantly in awe at what you do for your and grandkids. What neat memories you are making for them and they are so very lucky to have you. Fiona

  11. Have a nice break.

  12. My mom is 65 and gets exhausted watching little ones. I'm 43 and they drive me batty after about 2 hours lol. Good thing I didn't have any more!


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