Sunday, July 30, 2017


Today we are off to Auckland to take the brown lounge suite up to Steve and Bex.
They are going to be so happy!

Their's is falling to bits and super uncomfortable, with springs poking up from the bottom that you end up sitting on!  Seriously uncomfortable without a cushion under your bum.

Stew is heading out really early this morning (for a Sunday), to pick up the hire trailer from the service station down the road.  Then we will load the lounge suite on and head off... bright and early.

ABOVE: it will be neat to have a bit more room in the garage, even if it's not enough for my car ... AGAIN.

ABOVE:  I will have more room for the washing.  Yeah, how awesome is that?  Said ever so ENTHUSIASTICALLY.  Pfffft.
Bloody winter.  Wet washing all over the place.  

And on that score... I might just bugger off and get the kids out of bed, and get everyone ready to head off.


Safely in Auckland... and the kids are thrilled to bits with the furniture.

We've just had lunch and soon we will be heading off to the mall.

On our way home we will be taking a small detour and going through the new Waterview tunnel.

 ABOVE:  -2 degree frost this morning, made for a very fresh start to the day.

 ABOVE:  The kids with their 'new to them' lounge suite. 

 ABOVE:  Dante getting comfy on 'HIS' new chair.

 ABOVE:  I was COLD.  Obviously.  Steve was adjusting the control on the back massager they had put on the chair for me.  Nice.

 ABOVE: Dante was happy standing on the trailer when we were about to leave, until either Stew or Steve told him he'd have to sit down so he wouldn't get blown off on the motorway, then he squawked and wanted to get off... like NOW! Just a bit funny.

 ABOVE:  About to enter the Waterview tunnel, which is 2.5 kms long, the longest in New Zealand.

 ABOVE:  Once inside, utterly boring.  Why was I so keen on going through it?  Perhaps because it took so bloody long to build it, and I just HAD TO?  *meh* ... done it now.

ABOVE:  Totally over the hustle and bustle of Auckland... all the roads, traffic, power lines, bridges, road signs, buildings ... clutter.  

Give me the tranquil scenery around the Waikato any day.
Happy to be 'home'.

Once home we returned the trailer and now it's chill out till dinner time.  Stew is cooking a mince & pasta dish of some sort.  Yaaaa... another night off cooking for me.

Stew did an awesome job of dinner, it was YUM.
Been watching some mindless TV this evening.  Everyone is now in bed... and I'm about to head off too.

40.67 kms this week


  1. Have a safe trip 😀

  2. Was very cold down our way pongakawa I have been helping my ex sis in law and brother in law shift house 3 days solid and NOT DONE YET

  3. The kids love their new chairs haha thanks guys it was lovely seeing you guys again . Xx

  4. Ha! We went through the tunnel for the first time today too.. I found it a bit claustrophobic because it was so long but I'm sure it'd make a big difference in travel times for people.

    1. I felt the same. And you are right of course... travel time from one side to the other, without having to navigate through the New Lynn/Avondale/Waterview suburbs is great!

    2. Not that I really go that way. Used to go to Ranui every week for most of last year so it would have been handy then!!

  5. Stu goes to work through the new tunnel every day now - works out great for him. The "new to them" lounge suite looks great in their lounge :)

  6. Great the kids love their "new" lounge chairs...
    Love the colours in the doona cover.

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  8. So nice when someone gets new furniture and you get the "new to me" stuff haha


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