Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Finally... by tonight I will be TOTALLY up to date with all the walks that have been posted thus far.

19 walks in just over 4 weeks.  I'm very proud of myself.  I didn't give up, even with shitty shin splints.

After tonight's walk, I will be doing 'repeats' so that I am still walking at least 3 times a week.
We won't be getting any new walks now till after August 6th.

Then we will be making a start on the Leamington side of Cambridge.

ABOVE:   Our little town... split in two by the Mighty Waikato River.  Our next walks will be on the 'other side' of the river.  And I'm told there's quite a few hills.  SHIT.

I'm tempted to go for a drive over there and check it out!  Maybe that's a bad idea?

Our weather has been abysmal lately, even the birds are not impressed.  I caught these two sheltering under the eaves...

ABOVE: Poor wee sparrows, they were very wet.  
They have been getting into our roof space too and making a right racket!  But I don't blame them, it really has been wet for a long time now.

We are hopeful that the sun will shine on the weekend so we can take the brown lounge suite up to Auckland.  Just have to hire a trailer, and do it whichever day is looking better.

Mum got the parcel I sent her yesterday... of the placemats, tablecloth and coasters.   Only, I'd put the wrong label on it and her parcel stated that it had TOYS in it.  She was totally perplexed!  WHY would I be sending her TOYS?  

Heee heee.  Once she opened it she was delighted though... probably because is WASN'T toys!  Nah, she loved her new linen, and declared the tablecloth was too nice to use!

That means Russell's children's parcel will have 'LINEN' on it!  Whoops.

Right, I am off to get the kids off to school, then I really do have to get some washing on... vacum the house.... bla bla bla.


12.31 pm:  And... I've only just got the washing on!
On my way home from dropping the kids off at school, I decided to carry on into Hamilton and try and find some new bras.
Ha! That was a total waste of time... NOTHING FITS me comfortably.  So, I shall just wait till the boobs have shrunk some more... and try again then.

I decided to meet up with the girls for morning tea too...

 ABOVE: the girls and I.  We went to Robert Harris in The Base, and I asked for a hot chocolate with NO FROTH, so I actually got a full glass of HOT chocolate.
Man do I need eyebrows or what! lol

After morning tea, I looked around for a new phone case, but had no luck there, so on my way home I stopped in at Chartwell Square and found this:

ABOVE:  Really happy with it... as I can now have a few coins on me when I'm out walking too, without having to take my handbag.
I would have got a blue one, if they'd had one, of course!  But the choice was black or a hideous purple

And I did it!  I have completed every walk this side of the river!  I'm so chuffed with myself.
AND the best thing about tonight's walk?  It was short, it was slow and my shins were just fine.  What a relief that was.

Now... I start repeating walks until the new ones get posted.

Now... it's chill out time... watch Master Chef and get warm again.


  1. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Morning tribe xx #jailbird

  2. What a gorgeous photo of the sparrows. Maybe you need some fake ones on that lantern all the time. Looks beautiful.

  3. Well done on the walking, and never mind the hills someone once told me walk backwards up the hills... Sparrows just cute as nice photo of you 3

  4. Good on you for completing the walks 😀

  5. Well done on the walks! I wish i had time to do group walks!

  6. Great job completing those should for sure be proud of yourself.

  7. Keep up the good work Chris. Well done!

  8. Congrats! That's pretty awesome you have done all the walks on that side! I'm sure it helps to have other people with you to keep you motivated despite your aches and pains.
    Beautiful girls pic :)

  9. Nice little purse! WTG on all the walking!


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