Thursday, July 13, 2017


Stew has  been feeling a bit sick for the past couple of days.  He had to go to Auckland yesterday for meetings, so when he got home he was feeling even worse.
He was so cold he was shaking, so I made him sit in my chair and have my electric throw on him.

I think it helped.  

ABOVE: Stew and Coco enjoying the warmth.  And what is Stew smiling at?

Well that would be this:

ABOVE: Griffin wearing my headlamp to see into the 'treat' cupboard.
He's such a dick.

Not much in that cupboard I must say!

Almost time to go grocery shopping again.  Oh friggin ya.

Today I'm making a start on my mother's quilted tablecloth.  I have been putting it off really, it's not something I'm revved up about making to be honest.
Not my ' cuppa tea '... but my Mum loves the fabric, so best I get on with it.


OMG it is so cold today I can hardly function!  The rain we didn't get yesterday is here in full force, it's like drops of ice falling from the sky.

While we don't have snow ... most of the South Island does, and many areas in the North Island too of course.  I've caved and turned the heat pump on in the family room.

Right now I wish I had them all over the house!
Maybe one in the hallway, down by the bedrooms would be a good idea in the future, and in the lounge.

There is a darn good chance I shall be wearing warmer clothes and GLOVES to tonight's walk!  Brrrrr.

Right, time to get some brunch... something nice and warm I reckon.

1.43 pm:  Two hours of massive frustration!  My internet went down, and I've once again lost my wireless connection.
The only way I can get my PC to connect is to plug it directly into the router.  So frustrating!

I don't have the TEMPER right now to keep trying to sort it out, so I shall just SIT in the wrong place in the family room so I can reach the bloody router.  Grrrr.

Last time this happened it cost me $$$'s to get Geeks On Wheels to come out and fix it.  I'm damned if I'm doing that right now.

Tonight's walks was FREEZING.  It rained for a little while at the beginning, I was a bit worried we would all get sopping wet and freeze the whole time.  It wasn't a particularly long distance walk thankfully.
Brylee and Griffin came along too, which was amazing! Getting Griffin out of his bedroom and a feat and a half!

Once home I cooked dinner, then we all blobbed out in front of the TV with the heater on.

And that's it for the day.


  1. Hope Stew is feeling brighter today but if it's the same bug I've had not expecting that to be the case. Griffen on a hunt for food is a classic.

  2. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Have you tried Countdown delivery? If you spend over $250 your shopping is only $1 for it to be delivered! So easy and takes all the hassle out of grocery shopping.

    1. We never do a 'full shop' at Countdown as their prices are way more expensive (overall) than where we shop. We shop at Pak N Save. But thanks for the information.

  3. My goodness it's freezing!!! We are over at Matarangi and it's dreadful. About heatpumps - don't even think about getting individual ones around the house. Get a ducted system into each room (like we have) and one switch and the entire house is warm (or cool in summer). Our power bill is never high so it's not expensive. It is more expensive to install but it's just fantastic.

  4. Call your internet service provider and get them to talk you through the issue. It could be something as simple as changing the "channel" (they'll explain) or perhaps you need a new router. But that should be your first port of call. That's what they're there for.

  5. Anonymous3:00 PM


    I have a reverse cycle heating/cooling in my house and it is basically on 24/7 lol.. This winter seems extra cold and my hallway which is not heated is just freezing same for the ensuite is nice a do you have the heating on all the time too ?


  6. It's snowing here in rotorua! Brrrr... I think i saw Stew today in Hamilton.. we hurried over the mamakus because of the snow.

  7. Our internet stopped for two nights this week, spark came today and fixed the problem, no charge and also gave us some free mobile minutes to use the last two nights. I'd ring your service provider

  8. I've been having trouble for the last few nights and I've put it down to the weather. The wind and rain is crazy here. And it's freezing even at work.

  9. Yes freezing all over hope Stew gets better soon Griffin getting taller or what... Internet problems always a headache

  10. ahhh so cold there...been watching the weather...and I thought it was cold here!!
    Get well soon Stew.

  11. Hope Stew is feeling better. Good luck sorting out the internet. Keep warm.


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