Monday, July 03, 2017


The organiser of the walking group I've joined has added two more walks.  Both of them are much further than the earlier ones, and have hills in them.  I'm totally put off.  There is no way I can do them yet... so I'm thinking of leaving the group and just walking on my own.
I'm up for a challenge, but not ones that will defeat me.

Added to that is the shin splints... if I'm not careful they will kick in fully and I will not be able to walk AT ALL.

So, I'm feeling pretty low about it all.  I was enjoying the company of the other ladies, but NOT the stress that was starting to build up over all the sections and how they are getting longer and longer.

I thought about it all night, and have decided to go for a walk every 2nd day on my own... at a distance of about 4 kms for now.

Clearly I started too fast and too often.  

So, this morning I'm going to plot a few walks of my own, keeping the distance do-able and I can walk at MY PACE, instead of struggling to keep up with everyone else.

I hate feeling like a quitter, but I know my limitations.  I'm not going to stuff up my legs to the point where I can't walk at all.

So... once I've done that, I shall be doing some sewing instead of walking today.
My legs need a rest.


11.49 am:  And I've done a short walk this morning.  My shins played up something rotten, but I did a 4.1 km walk at a slow pace.

Then home, did some housework, went to the supermarket and bought some slices for tonight.

I'm hosting tonight's Parchwork meeting.  No home baking this time... It's too tempting to eat the left overs!

Our back hedge doesn't seem to have grown much since we moved in... but I have gone back through our photos and found some I took exactly a year ago, and here's the result:

ABOVE:  I am so glad I'm such shutter bug!  I can see the hedge HAS grown... OK, not much, but it has grown.
And what a difference in the gardens!

Looking awesome.

Looking forward to the end of this week SO MUCH.  School holidays start on Friday.
And Keera will be celebrating her 5th birthday with a little family party in Auckland on Sunday.
That should be fun.

Very quickly, cos I've got ladies arriving soon... I lost .700 grams this week at Weight Watchers.
Happy with that.

Patchwork meeting was nice, just a small group tonight.
I did some of my knitting, then some hand stitching.

Wound up at 9, and now... time for bed.


  1. I think you've made a smart decision. You probably have done too much too soon and if you kept to their pace you wouldn't be able to go on the walks at all. 4km every other do will let you keep it up for the long haul and let you increase the distance when you know when your body is ready. Good thinking!

  2. I couldn't agree more. Doing too much too soon will ruin the enjoyment and defeat the entire purpose as you will have to stop. I love to walk at my own pace and have favourite route that I always take - up One Tree Hill, around the hill and home. I don't do the steep part up to the very top as it hurts my knees. Work out a few routes that you really enjoy, where you feel good and walk those. Forget about keeping up with others :)

  3. Remember, these ladies have been walking longer than you and have built up their fitness levels accordingly. I could NEVER hope to walk those distances and keep pace with everyone else if I was just starting out. (which I would be, cause, lazy!) Go at your own pace and if you want to join them on a shorter walk occasionally do so. Otherwise do what you can do, then do a little more. Good luck xx

  4. Smart thinking Chris! And hopefully you can still walk with them when you want to? When you walk on your own, do you like to listen to podcasts or music or just have silence?

    1. I haven't left the group as such, just taking a break. I like SILENCE!

  5. Glad u are cutting down I was afraid for you burning out doing so much
    You are an inspiration. Xx

  6. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Sounds Like a good idea..maybe Stew and go with you ? can go back to the group when you feel like it.


  7. I friggin HATE hills, I don't mind walking on the flat but hills just make me shitty. I think your idea of doing some walks on your own sometimes is a good idea, you will eventually build up to longer & faster walks but it does take time and if you are always sore afterwards it makes the temptation not to go easier. Maybe in the school holidays you can take the kids out walking as well - will stop them being bored :-)

  8. Hey Chris...I suffered terribly from shin splints and happened to mention it to my doctor one day and she told me to take Vitamin D I take 2-3 a day and after a couple of weeks no more pain :O)

  9. I ish I lived closer, I'd be walking with you. The hedge certainly has grown in such a short time Chris. Love your home.

  10. Great going on persevering but glad it's now at your pace.... You know I used to do INTENSE Aqua jogging and lunge walking in pools no weight bearing!! Perfect for all my aches pains and twinges.


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