Thursday, July 06, 2017


The day is here!
Keera's last day of Kindergarten.
And I am totally ready for it!

I am sure she will miss a lot of her friends, but luckily, there's at least 6 of them who will be in her new class, next term at school.  So, she will be surrounded by kids she knows, as the class is only going to have 10 kids in it to begin with.

That's pretty neat.

The kindergarten 'suggests' the child/family leaving gives a gift to the kindergarten... and they provide you with a list of ideas even!
I have put together this as our 'gift':

ABOVE:  Lots of craft/art stuff.  There's lovely papers/foils, stickers, wooden pegs, curling ribbons, bottles of glitter, amazing feathers, bows and two punches of a little girl and little boy.

I hope they like it!  I was NOT going to give them a boring book, or more stuff they already had.

There is a little 'birthday sing-a-long at 12 midday for Keera, so I have to be there with me camera!

But not before going for another FBG Urban Challenge walk at 9.30.

I'm going to be doing it at 'my pace', and hope I don't fall too far behind the rest of the group.  

ABOVE:  Last night Stew and I got the treadmill into the lounge via the front door... YAA, it fitted through!
Now I can use both machines and watch the telly!  Nothing like making time go faster by watching something on the telly eh?  *smiles*

And I don't care that they are in the 'lounge'... my room, my space... can do what I like in there.

We entertain 'guests' in the family room anyway.  The lounge is for the kids, and guests who sleep over.

And that's it for now... catch ya later.


1.09 pm:  and what an excellent morning we have had.
My walk went so well!  I explained to the ladies that I needed to keep to a slower pace, and they didn't mind.
My shins hurt to begin with, but warmed up quicker than before, and the pace wasn't that slow!
I think the ladies did slow down a bit for me, but not too much.  I'm SO GLAD I went back.

After the walk, I got home and had a quick shower/hair wash etc and went down to the Kindy for Keera's last day celebration.

ABOVE:  She had a lovely time, and the teachers loved our gift to them.
They give all the leaving children a baby Kowhai tree, so we will have to plant that in the garden on Saturday.

And now... lunch time and take a break.  I've been a busy beaver here in the house today too, so am quite tired.

This afternoon was fairly quiet... nothing to note.
When Stew got home from work he and I went to the college to watch Griffin's Drama production.  It was interesting.  Griffin played 3 parts!
He did well.

After that we came home and had dinner.

And now I'm the only one left up, everyone else has gone to bed.  And I will be too... in just a minute.


  1. We did the same thing for renas kind when she left. Lost of arts and crafty stuff. They loved it as that's what rena played with most of the time. Enjoy your walk.

  2. Happy last kindy day miss muppet.

  3. My guess.... There will absolutely be another FBG wanting to walk at a slower pace and will be more than happy to walk with you! Have fun!

  4. I love the last day kindy hoohaa, what a neat gift box for them much appreciated I'm sure.... This next few weeks will fly and SCHOOL will beckon.

  5. I think Keera is just about the cutest little girl in the world!

    1. Anonymous10:27 AM

      You would be absolutely right there MarkD60


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