Friday, July 14, 2017


It's so cold I'm still not able to even think about sewing!  It's just too cold in the sewing room!

So instead, I will do some of the cutting out of fabric on the kitchen bench and get things ready for stitching.

That should sort out my morning and keep me busy.

Lasts night's walk was my 12th since I joined the Urban Challenge, 3 weeks ago.  There's 4 more (so far) that I haven't done YET.
Two were posted a couple of weeks ago and are not on the group's agenda right now, but I know they will come up again for walking when we start doing 'catch ups' again.

My next walk is not until next Wednesday now, so I shall be going for a walk on my own on Sunday I think.
I would do one with the group, but there's only two on offer before Wednesday, and I can't go to either.  One is on Monday and it clashes with Weight Watchers, and the other has too fast a pace for me.

Maybe I will be lucky and another one will be posted before Wednesday that I can do.

And that's about all I have to yabber on about right now.  Something tells me it's going to be a long, slow, cold day.


Procrastination.... abounds!
Instead of getting on with the sewing, I went into town and paid a couple of bills, and picked up a map of Cambridge.
I'm going to get it upsized and then I can colour in every street I walk in the urban challenge as I do them.

Nothing like a visual map of what I've done, and what's left to do eh?

It is BITTERLY cold out there!  Gloves were definitely on this morning while outside.  This is what I expected of the Waikato when we moved here a year ago!

It's almost a quarter past 11 and the kids are STILL IN BED!  Hmmmm.... such a life.

Yaaa!!!  I just checked the FBG's Urban Challenge site and there's another walk on Tuesday I can go to.  That means I will only have two to catch up on.  

*** As I mentioned the other day, I went through my blog list.. it was HUGE.  I whittled it down by slowly going through them all and deleting all that were inactive (for over a year or more).  Some of those blogs went private too.  Nothing like seeing 'Permission Denied'... it's horrible!

So anyway, I hope I didn't delete YOUR blog my mistake.  If I did and you are still blogging... I would love to know. Get in touch!  Leave me a comment so I can link up again.

12 noon:  And bloody hell!  The teenagers are up!  Brylee has had 'breakfast', and Griffin is off into town to the movies with friends soon.

6 pm:  Brylee had a nasty experience this afternoon.... she took Coco for a walk, and on her way home Coco was set upon by two dogs which were off leash.  Luckily, Brylee legged it home and Coco was not hurt!

That was so lucky.... she burst through the door crying that Coco had been attacked and bitten... I was expecting the worst!

Knowing Coco, she probably whelped and cried with fright more than pain.   Still not a nice experience for either of them though.

Our afternoon has been very quiet apart from that... we've just blobbed out watching some tv together.  Call it bonding!  lol

Stew just got home and we are going to have takeaways for dinner.  We've not had takeaways in a few weeks now, so I'm going to enjoy it.

I'm going to sign off for the day now.  Have a nice, quiet evening ahead.  Keep warm.


  1. Anonymous8:48 AM

    How about turning the heating on in your sewing room? That's an idea, eh?

  2. Very good idea... IF THERE WAS SOMETHING TO TURN ON IN THE SEWING ROOM! But there's no heater in there eh? And I have no portable heater to put in there either. But well.... thanks for the 'suggestion'.

  3. I am the worst for commenting but I always read (will try harder lol)! I am so impressed by the walking you are doing, talk about jumping right in and go after your goals. Good on the teenagers for getting out with you too. I have been complaining about the cold in Brisbane I better stop if you knew the temps you would probably whack me lol

  4. Go you with the walking!! Well done. What happens once the FBG have conquered Cambridge??

    It is flipping cold here, actually had to get my puffer jacket out today :-)

  5. Very cold here only went out to get firewood money and then stack wood.... Have been housebound for days....

  6. It's been cold for sure. Feels like living down south again!! How frightening for Brylee and Coco. Glad they are both uninjured.

  7. Poor Brylee & Coco, so lucky neither of them were hurt. Enjoy your relaxing night.

  8. Hope the weather improves. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. I'm thinking that would be fun in my city too! I guess I could just pull up a map.

    Rusty got attacked like that and I thought he was ok but he ended up with a tooth puncture. TG it healed up ok.


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