Thursday, July 27, 2017


Today we have a local builder coming to discuss my ideas for the carport, and covered pergola out the back.

He's the builder who's company is building the new retirement village just out of town, which is a huge, 5 year build.   He has a very good reputation.

In fact, he's offered Steve a job, and Griffin will possibly be doing work experience with his company over the summer holidays too.

So, hopefully he can do our job.  Better wait for the quote first though!

I have every intention of doing some sewing today... and then I will be going to Weight Watchers in Hamilton early this evening.

I am really hoping for a decent loss... surely all this walking has to make a difference on the scales EVENTUALLY???

There has certainly been a change in my shape!  My tops are not so tight, and me butt is definitely smaller.  I wore a vest last night on our walk, which I'd never worn before... cos it wouldn't actually do up across the boobs!

It's a really good feeling.  I feel so much better about myself.  I may still be BIG, but my attitude is... slow and steady and I will get there.  This time.

And that's it from me for now... usual stuff to be getting on with... kids/housework/bla bla bla.


Holy hell!  First 'rough' quote just in... and it's almost DOUBLE what we kinda guessed!
Some serious thinking will have to be done now.

$20,000 for a carport?  

I'm a little in shock actually.

OK... it's a BIG carport we want, with a covered walkway to the front door... but still!

I'm going to have a late lunch, then get on with some sewing now that I don't have to be up the front of the house waiting for a builder to call in.

Well.. after a couple of relatively nice days, the weather is closing in again.  It's clouding over and getting dark, it's gunna piss down soon!
Luckily there are no walks on for this evening, MOST of the girls don't like walking in the rain!

I've got one tomorrow morning, I bet it will be raining.  NOT that I mind, but if it's too wet it might be cancelled.  Fingers crossed it isn't.

Rushing..... been into Hamilton in crazy, wet weather... every man and their dog was heading home after work and I was heading into it all.
Weighed in... more on that tomorrow.

Now... rapidly feeding the family, then Stew and I have to go and watch Brylee perform in her school Drama production.  Another 'RIVETING' hour I'm sure  (said ever so tongue in cheek-ish).

Then we can come home and RELAX.  Griffin is babysitting his little sister, and getting her to bed for us.

I'm sure he will do fine, she can get herself into her pj's, all he has to do is tuck her in and watch over her till we get home.

AND... the production went well... and Keera got off to bed safely in Griffin's care.

And then when we got home I spent almost 2 and a half hours yakking with our son Mike over Facebook.  Love that!  

And on that happy note, I'm off to bed.


  1. Don't panic if it doesn't reflect in the scales for a few weeks - you know what they say about muscle being heavier than fat! The real proof is in the way your clothes fit! keep going! You're doing great!

  2. Honestly don't go by the scales you ARE WAY MORE positive that's the endorphins kicking in and your clothes are looser you are meeting people.... BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY. You are doing things for you.
    Eeeekk that is a big quote.....

  3. Get a second quote, maybe it will have to wait until Steve moves down then you can employ him & Griffin to do it :-).

  4. Great blog Chris. Defs. Get a second or even third quote. They can vary a lot between builders. Hope to see you tomorrow, let's beat the feet and hopefully beat the suckky weather too!

  5. I thought you said (when you moved into your house) that you couldn't have a carport due to council regulations for something?? $20,000 is what I'd expect in this day and age due to all the fees for submitting plans etc. Perhaps you will need to wait until a certain builder moves closer?

  6. If Brylee is going to be a drama kid then get used to it, my kids have been theatre kids for years, and as they get older, their friends are all in shows, my friends kids are all in shows and it is never ending πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜„

  7. YES get some more quotes! And check reviews online, maybe join some local fb groups and ask about experiences w/ various contractors (take stories w/ a grain of salt, but if there's a pattern, you know!) But that might really be the price.

  8. Glad the play went well!


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