Sunday, July 02, 2017


So... instead of sleeping in... I'm up early and off on another walk soon.

I'm determined to have ticked off EVERY walk on the list by the end of the week... and I should do it!

I've been told there's heaps of ladies in the group who have been 'in' from the word GO, and they haven't done as many as me, so I'm feeling pretty chuffed with myself.

After my walk, Stew and I will be doing the grocery shopping.  At least, for once, I won't be doing it all on my own.
That will be a huge relief, cos I friggin hate grocery shopping.

It's exhausting!

We will pick up something for lunch while at the supermarket, so that will be good.

Then later on this afternoon we are expecting our visitors who didn't turn up yesterday.  Hopefully they don't forget again.

Oh, I decided Mum didn't need 8 mug rugs, so last night I sewed 4 together to make a small runner...

ABOVE:  See, how nice does it look with the binding on?  The 4 mug rugs will look fab with their bindings on too, but I haven't stitched the back of the binding on them yet.

And that is all I have for now...


9.45 am:   Back from today's walk, which was 5.7 kms long.
About 1/3rd of the way around I was ready to give up and go back to my car.  My shins/hips were killing me!
Even though the new sneakers are sublimely comfortable, they haven't stopped the niggles from niggling.

But, I kinda mentally slapped myself and decided not to give up, and just try and walk it out.  So I did.  And at about the 4 km mark I finally started to stop hurting.  Same thing happened yesterday, so maybe that's how long it takes for my shins to 'warm up'!

Either way, I'm really happy I did it.

Next one is tomorrow.  

Now.... I'm cooling down before we go and do the shopping. 

Shopping done.
Visitors been and gone.
Watching mindless TV before getting dinner on.

Having mince/potato top filo pastry parcels.  Sounds good eh?

Freakin' quiet around here last few days I must say. 

Feeling a bit flat tonight.  More about why tomorrow.

Time to sign off... bed after Apple Tree Yard on TV.

33.01 kms this week


  1. Well done on the walk!! The more your body gets used to it the less it will hurt 😘

  2. Anonymous12:21 PM


    You have pains because you have been doing so many walks in a row...that happened to me...a few years ago I had pain everywhere as I over did it all a once......even my butt was


  3. Way to go Mum on your walk! Love You XO

  4. I have made a quilt top for a big brother, baby quilt will be done after the gender reveal, it too cold to do much else here

  5. Go you with the walking!! How cool.

  6. Ohhhh sore butt cheeks yip when training for levenes half marathon many years ago 9 in fact even my eyelashes hurt!!!


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