Sunday, July 09, 2017


Well.... I think I've got it all... all the stuff we need for today, and all the stuff Keera will need for her holiday with Steve and Bex.

Stew has to load the car in a minute, cos we shall be heading off by 8.30 am to get to the Bounce and Beyond venue in time to meet up with everyone.

NOT that we have a large group, just a few members of the family.

All going well, Lacy and her flatmate Jono will arrive too.   They have at least 5 hours to travel to get down to Auckland.  It's really lovely of Jono to bring Lacy down!

Keera is going to be so happy to have her Mum attend her 5th Birthday. 5th Birthday's are very special here.  It marks the start of being a 'big school kid'.  

We should be home again late afternoon, then we can have dinner and relax for the evening.  And tomorrow morning... I CAN SLEEP IN!  I feel guilty ... Bex will have to get up to 3 kids.
But, it will be good practise for next year right?  lol

So, until I can update, either during the day, or when I get home.... catch ya later.


We are safely home after a lovely, lovely day.
I'm flat out cooking dinner and editing photos.  I will post a couple tonight after dinner, and more tomorrow.

So until then.... hang in there.

ABOVE:  having fun ... it was HOT FUN.

 ABOVE:   Keera was really happy to spend some time with Lacy.

 ABOVE:  The most popular thing, the slides.

 ABOVE:  SERIOUSLY !!!!  She's getting new socks for Christmas.  

ABOVE:  Bex did an awesome job decorating the Playcentre for Keera's birthday.  THANKS BEX.

 ABOVE:  Happy Birthday darling Keera.
She had an awesome day, bet she sleeps well tonight!

 ABOVE:  She was insistant on cutting her own cake... NO HELP thank you!

ABOVE:  Lastly for today, Steve got MY EARS.  And his Dad?  A pretty headband.  He's a right hard case is my man.

Dinner tonight was macaroni cheese with bacon and red onions. Bloody yum.

Now... going to relax for the rest of the evening.  

Tomorrows post will be later than usual as I have a lot to put up... and there will be a massive rant at the end of it.

32.59 kms this week


  1. Sounds like Keera is going to have an awesome birthday

  2. Safe trip and have a lovely day 😀

  3. Travel safe, have a wonderful day :-)

  4. Have a great day !

  5. Have an awesome holiday keera with uncle Steve and Aunty Bex and your cuzzies. And grandma and grandad enjoy your break too.

  6. Have a great day and safe driving. You certainly deserve a break from being "mum" all the time.

  7. Sounds like a fun family day. I hope you have all had an excellent day and a good trip up to Auckland. I'm sure that Keera will have a blast playing with her little cousins over the holidays.

  8. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Happy Birthday My Gorgeous Little Big Miss 5 xx oo xx

  9. Anonymous8:33 PM

    What a sweet sweet girl miss Keera is. Lacy you are looking fantastic! Keep doing whatever your doing haha.
    Happy Birthday for the 11th Keera you are such a beautiful shining light for your whole family xx ❤

  10. Lovely photos so pleased it all went well relax enjoy some down time ....

  11. Awesome photos. She's a beautiful girl Keera. I hope you all enjoy her holiday with Bex and Steve.

  12. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Happy birthday to Keera. She's a lovely looking little girl. I hope school goes well for her and glad you enjoyed her birthday celebrations :) Time for you to have a break.


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