Saturday, July 29, 2017


As I mentioned last night, our group t-shirts arrived yesterday, and I had mine dropped off last night.

Of course I had to try it on right there and then:

ABOVE:  Close up of our LOGO... isn't it cute!

ABOVE:  Dang those boobs!  At least I found a bra that jacks the bitches up a bit!
Another item of clothing that finally fits me... a bra that's been in my drawers for YEARS... just idly sitting there... waiting...waiting... to fit me again!  AND I don't even WANT to fit that size friggin bra.  Grrrrr.

My own fault.  But actually working on it again and it feels good.

Depending on what the rest of the family is doing, I MIGHT be able to attend a walk this morning.  But not sure, so haven't committed myself yet.

Time will tell.


9.50 am: And we just had a 2nd builder arrive to give us a quote on our proposed carport.  He's taken measurements and will get back to us with his quote soon.

I need to get into the council office and ask the planner if we actually need architectural plans and a permit, IF we build the carport as a 'free standing' structure?  We are hoping we can cut the costs by not having to get plans and permits .... fingers crossed.

I'm not feeling up for a walk this morning, so have shelved that idea.  There is another one this afternoon which I might go on, by then I will be warmed up a more.  Right now, I'm feeling like a slug.


Grrrrr.... waiting for another builder to turn up to do a quote.  He was due here an hour ago... no phone call or text to say he's either running late or not coming.  So frustrating.   

I get totally put off trades people when they are late or no shows.  Doesn't garner confidence in them at all.

I remember the Archgola guy up in Auckland ... he was a shocker for being late/not turning up, dicking us around.  I'm certainly NOT going to employ someone to do our job if they can't even let me know they are running late...or worse, not even turning up.

Well... rather typically, he finally did ring and say he was running late, and would be here soon.
'Soon' was 35 minutes later.  So he was over 2 hours late.   And then the reason for his lateness became apparent.

He talks.  And talks.  And talks.  And FINALLY, after badmouthing the entire New Zealand building industry/Builders/Councils.... he proceeded to work out a price for his roofing system.

Similar to Archgola, but not as nice.  But certainly as expensive.

Needless to say, we won't be going with him.  For many reasons.  What a waste of our time, and his too at the end of the day.

Moving on.

It's bloody quiet today!  Has been for the last few days... where is everyone?  Busy like me?
I hope so, nothing like being busy and happy.

Well it's the end of the day... and it's been a bit of a so-so day.  It will be good to get some actual quotes in writing for the carport, even if we decide to not go ahead right now... at least we will know the costs.

It is certainly way more expensive than we thought it would be!


  1. Love that colour on you!!!

  2. Anonymous7:14 PM

    Hi tshirt looks least I had a bit of a laugh at your post...I neded a bit of cheering up...had too much wine and dancing at a party last night with a


  3. I love your t-shirt Chris. What a great idea for the group :)

  4. I'm here ... reading and laughing but nothing going on my life!

  5. So close Chris but no transport to catch up on Hamilton over night. Fly home tomorrow.

  6. looking great in your new t-shirt.... you are doing so well xxxxxx

  7. Fun shirts! Yeah someone being late like that would totally turn me off too!


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