Wednesday, July 05, 2017


It's taken ALMOST FIVE YEARS... but Keera will finally lie down in the bath without screaming!

 ABOVE:  I probably spent half an hour with her last night, just playing with the bubbles and getting her to relax and appreciate the lovely warmth of the water... and reassuring her that she was safe and NOTHING HURT.

It's taken FOREVER to get to this point, but by the end of the bath, she was lying down herself, and relaxing and enjoying her bath.
Such a relief.  Makes hair washing so much easier.

ABOVE:  And she totally ♥LOVES♥ her pigtails.
She's a cute little bugger.  *smiles*

Rest day from walking today.  Might get on the exercycle though.

Keera has a half day at kindy today.
After lunch we are taking Coco to the groomers.
She's certainly due for a trim...she looks like a sheep.

ABOVE:  Here we have the obligatory 'BEFORE' photo.  ha ha.  Guess what?
You will get the 'AFTER' photo later. 

I've tentatively booked myself in for another FBG's Urban Challenge walk for tomorrow morning.  I DON'T WANT to give up... and the organiser has shortened the longer walks she had planned, so I feel like I can keep going.  Only, not so many walks per week, and try to go at a slower pace.  If I lag behind ... well too bad. 

and that's all for now... catch ya later.


I feel like utter shit.
I didn't get to sleep until around 2am, tossed and turned cos my new pillow wasn't 'right', and Keera cried on and off ALL NIGHT LONG.  She's got the sniffles, not even a bad cold or cough.  Did my head in.

Then I had some left overs for 'brunch' and now I feel sick ... had too much too early in the day. When will I learn?

So I adjusted my new pillow, stitched it up and hopefully it's better tonight.  I shall be closing Keera's bedroom door AND mine if she keeps up the grizzling.
And as Stew's home tonight, I should get a better sleep.


Taking Coco to the groomers in 10 minutes, then home for a bloody nap.  Cos I can.

Nap... ha ha ha!  Friggin phone kept going... texts, instant message, photos shared... *sigh*
And then a text to say Coco was ready, so I woke Keera up and just as we were about to back out of the driveway, Stew arrived home.

So he came with us, and we picked up Coco, then Brylee, and came home.

ABOVE:  And there she is, all groomed and gorgeous.  Smells nice too.
I've taken off her bark collar... and doesn't she know it! Literally seconds after it was off, BARKING all over the place for no reason.
Such a naughty girl!  And clever.  Let's not forget clever.

Almost time to hit the sack... looking forward to seeing how the 'adjusted' pillow feels all night.  Fingers crossed it's OK.


  1. Well done Keera (and you Chris). Hope she continues to love her baths. She looks so cute with her plaits. Good luck with your shorter walks.

  2. Keera looks very cute - can't believe she's almost 5!

  3. Well done keera and grandma 🛁🛁 the boys hate getting water in their ears.makes hair washing time hard But Dante now is good In the shower archer not so much these days.

  4. Well done keera for relaxing in the bath and we'll done mum for having the patients good things take time.

  5. So proud of you foung the walks. Modifying is not giving up!!!

  6. I am glad you are able to keep walking. I was going to say you should suggest to the organizer that she should shorten the walks and make them more accessible to the fat bottomed girls! I am glad she came to that realization. I want to see Keera's waves when you take those braids out!

  7. My two youngest grandsons will not ever lie back in a bath. I don't worry, as long as we can get their hair washed I let it go. Good that you are continuing with walking with the group - just do what you can. I find I only get sore shins when I walk too fast. If I walk at my own pace I am fine.

  8. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Keera is a beautiful child...I always have pillow hassles as well..I like a brand called Denton's a foam pillow good for side sleepers etc..


  9. Keera looks so cute with her pigs tails and all snuggly pjs ready for bed.

  10. Beautiful girl that Keera! Can you tell what barking collar you have? I haven't been sleeping too well in ages either...must be an age thing!!!

    1. It's so old all the letters have worn off, but it's PET SAFE I think, got it from Animates. Cost around $180. You can get just as good ones on Trade Me for much less I'm told.

  11. This a great milestone for Keera! Congrats to you too for being so patient with her :)

  12. I know a 40yr old whom won't put head back in bath or head under shower so well done for persevering.


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