Saturday, July 22, 2017


So... I bit the bullet and made a hair appointment at the local Hair Salon I liked.
I am going to get my hair cut...  THIS MORNING, bright and early.

I talked to the hairdresser yesterday afternoon and we agreed on the length.  I shall show you what length we chose ... when I get home!
I'm not getting my colours done today, no time.

OMG!  I wonder if I will lose much weight with the hair cut shorter????   I can only dream LOL!

After my haircut, I'm off on the next walk, today is Section R.  It's got some shitty hills in it by the look of it... so another challenge.
But, I'm up for it.  If I can get up Albert Street hill, I can do more.

After this walk, I have two next week, then I will have to start repeating walks I've already done, just to keep up with my walking goal of no less that two a week.  Ideally I would like to do 3 a week though.

As we have had a few new members just lately, there will be plenty of 'catch up' walks on offer, so having some to go to won't be a problem.  Yaaa.

After my walk, I think we should be heading into town, Keera needs school shoes before Monday.

And that is all for now... laters!


3.22 pm:  Been busy!

HAIR:  We  had agreed on a '3'... but now looking at the comparisons, I can see it's closer to half way between 1 and 2 (though in the before photo my shoulders are slightly higher).  Oh well... as it's not exactly even, I will probably go back soon:

ABOVE:  3 things: 1. It needs a colour!  2. It was wet on top.  3. Might need a bit of work on the straightness!

I don't think I lost any weight worth noting.  Dammmit.

WALK:  was awesome, in the rain again.  But not torrential, which was good.
There were some nasty hills today, not enjoyable, but I did them.  No choice really, it was do them, or don't get the walk done and dusted.

Company today was lovely, as per usual.  So very cool having company as ya walk.

After our walk we stopped at Colombus Cafe in Mitre 10 and had a coffee/hot chocolate.

ABOVE:  I had a hot chocolate (that wasn't hot at all), and a morsel of caramel slice.  Was very nice.

After that I raced home to get ready to go into Hamilton with the family.

In Hamilton, we went to The Base and bought Keera school shoes, had lunch and then came home.

It's a miserable, dreary day out there.  Wet, cold and just WINTER-ISH.  Kinda to be expected eh?  *smiles*

I'm about to muck around in the house, move some shit...

And I didn't move a bloody thing!  I piked out and did bugger all for the rest of the day.  Tired. 5 walks this week... got sore feet!

Coronation Street is on... so a nice night in front of the telly.


  1. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Morning tribe x #jailbird

  2. Looks like a 2 if you count the stripes on ya top! Looks good! 😊

  3. I counted the stripes too and it's way more than 3" but I like the length! I wish I could find a walking group like that down here. Sounds fun and I never keep it up on my own.

  4. How hard is it to cut long hair straight? That's shocking, back on Monday! The length looks good though.
    Is this the hair salon that didn't tell you the hairdresser was sick or another one? Cranky

  5. I'm really thinking of doing the walk the streets thing like you do. Sounds like a fun challenge :)


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